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I have this weird relationship with candles. When I was a little girl, I had a fascination with ornamental candles thanks to this store in Torquay that I visited every summer. It was owned by an independent chandler and he crafted all sorts of shapes and sizes. I would make a point of buying one every holiday but never burn them. It occurred to me as I got older that candles are for burning. They shouldn’t be ornaments – well, I suppose some are, but that’s unusual. I was a big fan of incense as a teenager and in later years I’ve discovered that I really love scented candles. Yes, those reading those who have known me for a long time will remember that I used to scoff at the idea of buying someone a candle as a gift but now, I really do see the appeal. I wanted to write this post after receiving a Price’s Candle in the Blog On conference goodie bag earlier this month. It’s technically #gifted I suppose, since I was given it for free? I’m under no obligation to write about it since every blogger was gifted one of their candles just for attending and I haven’t been paid to write this post.

scented candles

This candle that I received in the goodie bag is lime and basil, which I was really excited about because I love citrus scents like lime. It comes in a round tub. The base material feels heavy and sturdy, so I’m not sure what the exact material is. The lid is tin and it fits quite well. I have to be honest, when I opened this up and sniffed, I thought it was going to be much stronger than it was once it was burning. The initial hit was quite potent and you definitely get all those limey top notes coming through. So, when I burned it, I thought my whole house was going to reek of lime, but that wasn’t the case. It’s actually subtle. It’s fresh and clean but not overpowering. I would say it took about an hour or so for the scent to release. I would recommend this to people who love the glow of a candle and a little bit of fragrance – but not too much. I’m thinking it would make a good gift for my mum, who often complains about heady¬† scented candles.

I always favour fruity scents over florals or spices, whether I’m choosing a perfume or a home fragrance product. Usually I’ll opt for berry fruits in winter but I think this is the perfect scent for summer in the home. I’m not an aromatherapist and don’t have any qualifications in that department (I’m a trained perfumer but it’s the cosmetic side of things) but I found this scent to be really uplifting for me. I also love the pale green colour which I think is really summery. The good thing is that when I burned this candle, I got four working days out of it. I work a six hour shift so that tells you that it burns for a good twenty-four or so hours.

My only complaint? It burned to around two-thirds of the diameter of the candle and I was left with this big ring of wax that didn’t burn. It’s frustrating when that happens.

price's scented candle safety information label

Would I recommend this candle? Yes, absolutely! It’s a really interesting citrus scent that isn’t too zesty thanks to the inclusion of basil. It’s a gorgeous colour and it kept burning for a working week and kept me zen through a particularly tricky assignment. I give it a solid 9/10 and will definitely be looking for more Price’s Candles. I’m particularly interested in the citronella candles they do because they’ll be great for the summer months. If you’d like to see their whole product list, including other scented candles in their range you can do so by visiting their website.

Have you tried a new candle brand recently and loved it?


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