Wallace and Gromit Musical Marvels Review

Yesterday was a really great day. Not only did I start to feel like I was finally over the flu that’s been holding me down for well over a week, but I also had a brilliant afternoon out with my family at the Wallace and Gromit Musical Marvels show. The tickets were gifted by Carrot Productions but I haven’t been paid for my review and obviously all opinions are my own. This review is based on my own experience of visiting the show with my husband and son yesterday at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this show, to be honest. I had no idea how they were going to make a musical show out of animated characters, so it was difficult to prepare my son for the afternoon. Basically, there was a live orchestra on the stage and they were all dressed up in really fun costumes. For example, there were a couple of men dressed as Wallace, a few people dressed as cheese (I know!) and I think I spotted one musician dressed as Lady Tottingham from the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The musicians look like they’re having a brilliant time based on the costumes and the huge smiles on their faces!

There’s a host, whose name I didn’t catch, but he is like a narrator and an actor in one. He talks to the audience and “phones” Wallace, who regularly appears on the big screen behind the orchestra. The whole show lasted around 90 minutes, including the intermission which was around 15 minutes. The second half of the show was a screening of The Wrong Trousers (one of my personal favourites) with the score played live by the orchestra, which added a really great atmosphere to the hall.

Wallace and Gromit Musical Marvels Tour 2019

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I really enjoyed this show. It wasn’t as well-attended as I think it should have been, which is a real shame. I think if the show returned, word-of-mouth would have an effect on the ticket sales. What I particularly liked was seeing all the families in attendance and how the kids were immersed in the show. It’s also great to see kids enjoying classical music and learning that music isn’t just about what’s on the radio. Although classical music isn’t really my thing and this was the first time I’ve been to an event with a live orchestra, I found myself getting really excited and I loved explaining all the instruments to my son. And he and I both loved when they played Bohemian Rhapsody!

Overall, it was a brilliant day and a really great experience which I would return to if they brought another Wallace and Gromit show on tour. There was an ad for a Christmas show at the intermission which I found quite exciting. They’re bringing The Snowman on tour and I think I would definitely go back for a festive show, whether that’s Wallace and Gromit or another character. Sadly, The Snowman isn’t coming to Glasgow though. If you do fancy it, head to the Carrot Productions website to check out the tour dates.


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