Summer Solstice: Top 10 Ways To Celebrate

You might remember that back in March I wrote a post about ways to celebrate the spring equinox. Well, it’s time for another seasonal post. Today is a huge day for many people. It’s the summer solstice and it’s going to be a time of celebration and positivity. You don’t have to be a Pagan to celebrate solstice though. Anyone can and everyone should! While we, in the northern hemisphere, celebrate summer solstice in June, those in the southern hemisphere will have to wait until 21st December to put the suggestions in this blog to use! Here is a list of ten ways that you can celebrate the longest day of the year.

summer sunshine

Watch The Sunrise

What better way to celebrate the longest day of the year than by watching the sun rise and set. The longest day is almost eighteen hours long where I live. The sun rises at 4:30am and sets at 10:06pm. It’s definitely better if the skies are clear and you can actually see some sun shine, but that’s going to be unlikely for me this year.

sunrise summer solstice

Have a Summer Solstice Picnic

It’s a great time to pack some food and head outside to eat it. Next week is my wedding anniversary and for date night, we’re going to have a picnic. There’s just something really cool about sitting on the earth and eating your food with your hands.


Have A Water Fight

Solstice is a time to celebrate nature and the elements and what better way to do that, if you’re in a warmer climate during the summer solstice, than by having a water fight. If water is in short supply, go swimming outdoors. Or even skinny dipping. Really enjoy water!

water fight

Visit Stonehenge

I haven’t visited Stonehenge at Solstice time but it’s definitely on the bucket list. Each year, it’s visited by thousands of people, all celebrating the strength and majesty of the sun. What better way to mark the occasion than by visiting what is essentially a giant calendar?



While we’re talking about celebrating the elements, let’s get round to air. Spend time meditating outdoors, go for a walk in the countryside, or go somewhere open and windy and let the fresh air blow away the cobwebs. You’ll feel so much better for it. My favourite place to get refreshed is the beach. That salty air will do wonders for you.

yoga meditation

Climb A Tree

Honestly, there’s no real reason for this, but isn’t it fun to let go of your inhibitions and embrace the activities you enjoyed as a child? Or, if you didn’t climb trees as a child, why not start now? It’s fun!

sloth climbing a tree

Have a Bonfire

Bonfires are usually reserved for 5th November where I live, but it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Why have a bonfire in winter when everyone is freezing and you can’t see what you’re doing? It’s really important to stay safe at bonfires, obviously. I’ve heard too many stories of people being injured and burned at bonfires, so keep it small and take extra care of sparks etc. And if it’s windy, just give it a miss. Make sure you have plenty of buckets of water or fire extinguishers handy and keep in controlled.


Make Half Year Summer Solstice Resolutions

Why keep your resolutions for January? Re-assess your life, think about where you wanted to be at the start of the year when you made those new year resolutions, and make this the time that you make some adjustments or remind yourself of what’s really important. Draw some sigils if that’s your thing and burn them on the bonfire.

Make a Flower Crown or Daisy Chain

Nothing says summer like a daisy chain! It’s the ultimate girly summer activity, but don’t let that stop you if you’re a man. We can all celebrate with flowers.

daisy chain flower crown

Exchange Summer Solstice Gifts

It’s maybe a little bit unusual to do this, but wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t restrict gift-giving to Christmas time? It would be great, even if we only bought each other a little box of chocolates and would be a really lovely time to celebrate our friends and family’s presence in our lives.

Did you celebrate Summer Solstice this year? Post in the comments about how you marked the occasion!


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