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As a blogger, I’m given the opportunity to try some really interesting product that I wouldn’t otherwise have heard of if I wasn’t blogging. One of those products is Adagio Teas. And to my shame, I received a huge box of Adagio Teas and brewing accessories as a gift way back in June and this is me just getting around to writing the review. This is partly because the box was absolutely massive and it’s taken time to get through them all, and partly because I have been trying to find my feet, firstly in the new job and then having left the new job. But that’s a story for another time. Today, we’re talking about the lovely subject of tea!

adagio teas

To me, you’re either into tea or you’re not. I’m definitely a fan of tea, but not the weird stuff. I like my bog-standard decaf black tea and I like the well-known brand of fruity teas who shall remain nameless because today is all about Adagio. If you’re anything like me, you find a brand you like and you stick to it and I think most of us are the same. When I go to my parents’ house and they make me a cup of tea, the difference is evident. It’s just not the same. However, sometimes it can be good to push yourself out of that comfort zone and try a new brand, especially if you’re looking for something quirky or different.

earl grey tea boutique

So, let’s start with what I received. There was a massive box and it contained lots of different types of tea. Tropical teas, fruity teas, herbal teas, teas to help you sleep, black teas, green teas… there were so many. So this is a good indication that whatever your taste is, you’ll find something in the Adagio range for you. I personally favour fruity teas usually.

iced berry teas

So, what if you don’t like hot drinks? What if you like a cold tea better than a hot tea? There are drinks in the range that are suitable for brewing, cooling and chilling, such as the iced berry samples I received. Now, I made a big mistake when I was making these the first time. I thought they were like the cold water infusions that a well-known brand have introduced recently. They’re not. Please don’t try to make these with cold water because it won’t work and you’ll just waste the tea. You have to brew it hot first and then chill it.

adagio tea pot ingenuitea brewing accessories

Speaking of brewing, you might wonder how exactly you go about this. Well, there are some teas in the range that come with teabags but there are also others than come loose leaf (I use the word “leaf” very loosely since some of the teas look a bit like bark – don’t worry, this is totally normal). If you have a loose leaf tea, you’ll probably need a pot and I’m not going to lie, I fell in love with the teapot more than the teas themselves. Not that the drinks weren’t awesome, but the teapot really is brilliant. It’s currently on the website for £18.


The teapot holds about two cups. It holds the liquid inside the pot while it’s infusing and then when you’re ready to pour your cup, you only have to sit it on top of your mug. The liquid strains down as soon as it’s sat on top of a cup or mug. No additional strainer required. It has little legs on it so when you sit it down on a worktop or the drip tray (pictured above) you won’t make a mess. It’s only when you sit it on a cup that the liquid drains. It’s easy to clean although it does need a good rinsing to get the soapy bubbles out of the bit between the filter and the bottom of the pot.

paper filters tea

Suppose you don’t have the teapot, or you don’t want to buy the teapot. Maybe you’re on the move. You might be on holiday or going away for a night and don’t want to carry your beloved IngenuiTea teapot around with you (understandable, I love mine too much now to risk breaking it in a suitcase). There’s also paper filters available to buy. Honestly, I didn’t try these. I spent a lot of time sampling the teas and using the teapot/mug, so I just wasn’t that interested in paper filters. However, they are available and I’ll be taking them on holiday to Mallorca with me next month so I can give them a go then. I don’t see the point in using them while I have a pot I love so much. They come in boxes of 100 which is plenty to keep you going through a break away from home.

herbal teas adagio

I don’t want to comment on the individual flavours of the teas because it’s really a personal matter. I might love a particular flavour but my opinion won’t make a difference because people either like it or they don’t. So, I won’t say too much about which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t, but I’ve listed a few different flavours below so you can have a look and see which are available that you might like to try.

If artisan loose tea sounds like your kind of thing, please do give Adagio Teas a try. I was really impressed with the brewing accessories in particular. The teapot would make a lovely housewarming gift for the tea enthusiast in your life. I also want to say thanks to Adagio formally for sending me some teas to try. You’ve kept me hydrated throughout the summer! They’re now offering some autumnal flavours on their website which are nutty and spicy and the first time you visit the site there’s a popup offering 10% off. They also offer free shipping on orders over £30 within the UK.

What’s your favourite kind of tea? Share in the comments below.



  1. September 10, 2019 / 1:52 pm

    ALWAYS loved good tea .. right since I started Primary school. I can remember having THREE cups of tea during lunchtimes when I was about 10 years old. I was a bit of an expert in various teas back then as well, still love ’em all .. so this excellent review is right up my street! 😉 xx

    • September 10, 2019 / 2:20 pm

      Plenty of Adagio teas left here if you would like to try some next time you are round! 😊

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