Bunty Pet Products Review: Rum’s New Love

If you’re a regular reader of Rock Paper Spirit, you’ll know that I adore my dog, Rum. He’s a wee cracker. Rum is an almost four year old Jack Russell and he’s not just a pet. He’s part of the family, the best therapist I could ask for and he is also an influencer in his own right. That’s correct, you didn’t misread that. The biggest fee I’ve ever commanded for my freelance writing on this site was brought in by Rum. It’s a special kind of dog who can contribute to the running of his human’s household, isn’t it? This week, Rum received another gift through the post from a brand called Bunty Pet Products. This item was gifted in exchange for a review but all opinions are mine – and Rum’s.

family therapy dog

I wanted to work with Bunty Pet Products because I took a look at their website and just fell in love with a particular dog bed. Why? Because it matches my sofa. Yes, I really am that shallow, but this is the honest truth of the matter. I wanted Rum to have a black velvet bed to match the black velvet cushions that sit on my silver velvet sofa. Bunty Pet Products had one that was a great fit. So, when this arrived, it was packaged in a strong plastic bag and folded into a cylindrical shape. I unfolded it and placed it where I thought Rum would like it. He took a while to warm to it. He sniffed around, stared at it and avoided it for the first few hours. Then I got fed up and sat him in the bed, so he could see that it was his and he wouldn’t get in trouble for using it. Oh boy, has he used it since then… it’s gotten quite hairy and the one drawback of a black dog bed and a white dog is that his hairs really show up.

luxury black velvet dog bed

Rum has really fallen in love with this bed. He shows the bed itself a lot of affection, rolling around on it and choosing to sleep there instead of his old cushions. He growls if we touch it and often sits with his jaws around the edge of it, tenderly holding it in his mouth. He insists on moving it around the house with him and we have now nicknamed it, “Rum’s girlfriend.” He actually humps it a lot. If that’s not the best endorsement a dog can give, I don’t know what is.

bunty pet products dog bed review

What I really like about it is how good quality the material is. It feels just like my sofa does and that cost me a four figure sum. So, to get a reasonably priced bed that matches in both feel and appearance was awesome. It’s also good because Rum is a true pack animal. He wants what we have. That sometimes means food, but often he just wants to sit on the sofa with us. Now that he has a cushion that looks and feels the same, he’s delighted. Plus, I don’t have to keep telling him to get off the furniture. He gets off on his own furniture instead.

It vacuums easily and so far, smells haven’t stuck to it. I spray it every morning with some antibacterial pet bed spray and it hasn’t done any damage at all to the fabric. And yes, I do wash it a lot more than I would normally wash a dog bed because of his affection for it.

bunty pet products review

Bunty Pet Products do a whole range of really cool dog beds and accessories. There’s durable bowls, light-up collars, doggy raincoats, poo bag dispensers, microwavable bed warmers – you name the dog’s need and they have something for you. I know exactly where I’m going to be doing the Christmas shopping for Rum this year. The bed we got was the Bunty Belagio Bed in black and costs £19.99 from their e-store. It comes in silver velvet too and it’s available in four sizes. If you’d like to see more of their products, you can visit their online store, and I highly recommend that you do at least take a look, especially with Christmas coming up.


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