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Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam Review

Today I’m going to write a blog that is one of those rare cross-over blogs that covers parenting AND beauty… I’m not sure how to explain that but it is a cosmetic product that is also medicinal, that I use as part of my parenting. You’ll see what I mean when you read on. In keeping with the theme of writing about anything I use in the bathroom once the tub is empty (because that means that it’s been good enough to use until the end), I’m going to review Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a bottle of this last year for free in exchange for an honest review on another site – not this blog. However, the bottle I just finished is one I paid for myself. So, yes it was gifted within the last year, but I went on to buy it myself. In the interest of keeping everything transparent, I’d like to declare that the same product was recently gifted but this blog has not been written as part of that deal.

oilatum daily junior bath foam

So, to give you some background into why I was so interested in Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam in the first place, I’d need to explain that Luke suffers from eczema and has done since he was a few weeks old. There are times when he can’t sleep because he’s so itchy and he really struggles with it. It can be painful as well as itchy, it can get infected, and to make matters worse, he is allergic to the antibiotic cream that doctors prescribe for infected eczema. The wee soul has got a lot on his plate, what with this and his asthma. In the last couple of years, I’ve also developed eczema myself. I knew that Luke suffered, but I didn’t appreciate just how distressing eczema can be until I started having problems myself. Now, I do!

We’ve been using the original Oilatum bath additive for years and it’s been helpful at controlling Luke eczema; so good in fact that I have become apprehensive about using anything else. I wouldn’t even risk something scented and bubble baths, which are usually a standard part of being a kid in a bath, were out of the question for Luke – until now. I tentatively started using this last year in November, so it’s been around three months of use now and no major problems, but I’ll write about the effects of this product in more detail.

Firstly, it’s colour free and doesn’t smell of much at all. I keep sniffing to see if I can catch a whiff of anything but I can’t. It’s safe to use every day (according to the bottle) and is developed with dermatologists for use on dry and eczema prone skin. It says on the back of the bottle that it is suitable for babies, even from day 1 – of course it is up to you to make that decision. I listened to the advice of my midwife and health visitors and didn’t use anything except plain water on Luke to begin with – the irony is that they said using cosmetic products too early would increase the risk of eczema. Ha! Good old genetics overruled everything that they said. It also claims to be soap-free and kind to eyes, which is a weird statement to make because it’s not like you’re going to put it in your eyes anyway.

Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam review

There are no real directions for use. The bottle says, “Add a small amount to running water and swirl by hand.” A small amount is quite subjective. I put three squirts in for a full sized bath and this gives us a reasonable amount of bubbles. Obviously it isn’t coloured so when your bath is ready, the bubbles are white.

Luke has never had a bubble bath before and I did wonder with his sensory processing issues if he would love them or hate them. His reaction to his first bubble bath was quite funny. He stopped in his tracks (rather than jumping in), stared at it, had this look of suspicion in his eyes and then stepped in and sat like a little statue, staring at them for the whole 15 minutes that he was in the water. Since then, he’s become a lot more relaxed and started to enjoy them. He’s now disappointed if we use the standard prescription Oilatum additive.

Now for the most important thing – how does eczema prone skin, and even inflamed skin react to it? Well, for the first month we had no issues at all. Then the colder weather and central heating started to dry his skin and things got a little out of hand again. We had to stop using the Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam for a few days and go back to the standard Oilatum, as well as putting his prescription creams on again. Since then, we’ve been restricting the use of Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam to the times when his eczema isn’t flaring up, as the product itself doesn’t seem to cause any problems, but if his skin is already inflamed and itching, it won’t do the same job at controlling the eczema outbreak as the prescription Oilatum.

Overall, I would give the Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam 8/10. This is because when the eczema is under control and skin is coping well with the external environment, this is a great product to use to give kids a bubble bath. It doesn’t cause any major issues and it’s reasonably priced too at an RRP of £4.99, although you can get it on Amazon for £3.74 (price correct at time of publication). However, it’s not going to clear up existing flare-ups and you can’t swap your eczema medication for this. It’s not something you can use to replace what you’re already using. I see it as a weekend treat, or for occasional use.

I should add another disclaimer here to say that I’m not a doctor, I don’t have any medical training and I’m just a mum/blogger/eczema sufferer who is writing about her own and her family’s experiences with this product. Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam is not a prescription product, although the Oilatum Bath Additive that I’ve mentioned in the article is. My opinion is based on nothing more than my own experiences and if you are struggling with eczema or extremely dry skin, you should see someone with proper medical training. And yes, I know that daily baths are not recommended for eczema sufferers, but not bathing enough comes with a whole host of other problems, both medical and social, so I have made the decision to still bath or shower Luke every day.


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