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Blendjet Portable Blender Review

blendjet portable blender box

A few weeks ago, I was on my way home from the last blogger event I attended before lockdown started. I was pretty sure at the time that I wasn’t going to be going out much, even if the rest of the country world didn’t start social distancing, so I sat there on the train, ordering things I had always wanted to try but never had gotten round to, so that I could use them and review them on this blog during these quieter months when I’m not going anywhere. The first thing I ordered was a Blendjet.

blendjet portable blender box

For the avoidance of doubt, I paid for my Blendjet myself, haven’t received any incentives to write about them and have no affiliation with the company. Just as well, because *spoiler alert* this isn’t going to be a positive review. I have to be honest, it’s not a great product for me. My blog post is based on my own personal experiences and if you’re really trying to research this product, please do search for other reviews. You never know. I could be the exception.

I saw Blendjet advertised on Instagram and fell in love with it. It seems like such a great idea, since I love smoothies and milkshakes. It’s a water-bottle sized blender that you can carry around in your bag with you to make smoothies on the go. It would be great for holidays or overnight trips where you can take some solid fruits with you and make a breakfast shake the next day. The beauty of it is that it charges with a micro USB so you can plug many standard phone or tablet chargers into this and charge it up on the go. What a great idea! It’s also a good looking product and comes in a range of colours – at least, that’s what the advert says.


So, I ordered the black Blendjet because there really wasn’t much choice when I ordered mine. There were only two colours available. I believe there’s a whole range out there somewhere, but I have no idea when it’s going to come off pre-order. The range of colours in the adverts was one of the things that appealed to me so I was a little disappointed, but I ordered one all the same. It took around three weeks to arrive at my house in Scotland from the USA. This is longer than I would have expected a parcel to take. I received a care package from a friend in Texas last year and it was with me in less than a week, so they must have taken a fair bit of time processing the order.

When it arrived, I wiped it down, even though it arrived well-packaged and smelling fresh. I have Covid to thank for my unboxing paranoia now. It looked good! And it arrived somewhat charged too, so I half-filled it with water and some washing up liquid, like I’d seen in the adverts, to clean it before use. It seemed to work a treat and it cleans really easily.

inside of a blenjet

Now, I have to admit that I waited a few weeks to actually try making a smoothie with my Blendjet because fruit was in short supply here. Just my luck. When I finally did try it, it had lost all power and I had to recharge it. This is my first major gripe: it takes forever to charge. I expected maybe a couple of hours but it’s more like an overnight thing. If you take it out and about with you, it’s not like you can plug it in if the battery dies and get blending again straight away. You’ll probably have to wait until you go home, so the inclusion of a USB charging port is actually useless. They really need to work on faster charging if they want this product to be what it is supposed to be – a portable blender. Right now, you’ll still have to spend a while waiting for it to charge and you might as well just take a home made smoothie in a mug out with you. If you’re going abroad (I know, unlikely right now), then it’s easier to transport around with you, but otherwise, it’s not any more convenient than an average blender.

Next I want to talk about the actual blending. I’ve got a pretty powerful blender at home with a smoothie mug that I can sit on top of it to make smoothies and shakes with, but this isn’t portable. Although this great blender has set my standards high, I have one basic requirement. I want it to actually smooth the items I’ve put in the blender. The Blendjet simply doesn’t do that. I used some liquid ingredients, some soft ingredients like banana and some chunkier ingredients like pineapple. Even the banana, which was pretty soft and ripe, came out in chunks after blending. What a disappointment! It also won’t blend for longer than 5 seconds at a time which is rather annoying.

blendjet review

So, I would really like to recommend this product, but I simply can’t, at least not for smoothies. Maybe for shakes, but not until they fix a few major issues with it. I really, really wanted to like it. It’s a brilliant idea, to have a portable smoothie maker that charges with a USB port and is easy to clean, but it’s not powerful enough yet. If they speed up charging times and make it actually smooth the foods put into it, that would be a start. Also, there is literally no point in advertising lots of different colours until the full range is available.

Interestingly, there’s a leaflet that is packed in the box telling you that it is NOT a powerful blender and you need to blend upside down to begin with and put your ice in last. These are facts that would be helpful to know before ordering so consumers can make an informed choice. There’s a list of guidelines to follow to “get the best” out of your Blendjet. Well… holding it upside down as they recommend does help somewhat, but it’s still not powerful enough for me. I still got chunks. Maybe a different filter on top with smaller holes to catch bigger chunks might help?

Filter in a blendjet

I’d give the Blendjet a 2/10 for aesthetics, because it is cute, and for ease of cleaning. And it does make shakes well, if you use all liquid ingredients, butters, yogurts, some ice-cream and protein powder. With solid ingredients it falls short. This is just the chance you take when you order products advertised on Instagram. They’re hit and miss and I’ve ordered some really useful products in the past. It won’t put me off trying again.

Have you tried the Blendjet, or perhaps another portable blender? Let me know your thoughts and whether you’ve had a happier experience than I’ve had.


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  1. Shipping in the US has been HORRENDOUSLY slow since the beginning of the pandemic, so that might be why the shipping was so long for you. It’s been taking a month and a half for things to get to me from overseas. It sucks!

    I’ve had one for a few years and I really enjoy it, but I’ve never tried to make a fruit smoothie out of it. I could see that though. I sometimes have to use multiple blend cycles for different things. I use it like every day to make whipped coffee. It takes about three blend cycles to get the consistency right, but mine blends for about a minute at a time. It does take FOREVER to charge, but if it’s charging and I need to use it, I just unplug it, use it really fast, and then plug it back in. I don’t know if you should do that, but I do because this girl NEEDS her coffee. But if I’m just doing a protein powder and a few other powder ingredients (pudding mix or cocoa powder to change up the flavor) then I only need one blend cycle.

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