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Modsly Review – Create Your Own Clothing Line In 1 Hour

modsly black cat clothing blue t-shirt

One night last month, my husband put our son to bed and by the time he had come downstairs, I had launched my own clothing range and had a store online. I had never mentioned wanting to have my own clothing brand before, because it wasn’t on my radar, so you can imagine his surprise – and mine too. It was all because I got an email from Modsly. If you’ve never heard of them, you’re not alone as I hadn’t either but you’ll soon be hearing about them a lot because I can’t imagine this business model will stay secret too long. Pretty soon, the word will be out and Modsly will be the new network marketing.

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Here’s the legal bit. The disclaimer, if you will. I have NOT been paid to write this review. I haven’t received any incentives at all and I haven’t been recruited to write it. It’s just my own opinion based on what I’ve seen so far and as time goes by, I’ll update this post with my opinions on how my experiences have gone. I haven’t yet made any money from Modsly, so there has been no value in this site at all for me yet. Now, onto the review which is what you’re here for, right?

modsly black cat clothing blue t-shirt

This is basically what happened. 8pm on Thursday, we finished watching The Masked Singer as a family and the wee one went up to bed, with my husband doing bedtime story duty. I picked up my phone and decided to check my emails. I had one from the Glambassador site, and these emails are usually crap so I opened it with the intention of clicking the easily locatable (yeah, right) unsubscribe button. But I started reading it. It was an invitation to join a site called Modsly. I’d never heard of it, so I clicked the link to check it out.

black cat kitten t-shirt

Modsly is essentially a platform that allows influencers to become designers and artists to get paid a royalty each time their pattern or image is used on clothing. Designers can choose to create a t-shirt, tunic (which I’m marketing as a nighty) or leggings and they work with a bank of patterns, colours and images to design a garment they like. Once they’ve done that, they can then add it to their online store. Each garment has a base price, a commission price to the artist who designed the pattern or image used and then a royalty is added by the designer which can vary, depending on how much you think your garment is worth.

minstrel cat t-shirt black cat clothing

I browsed the patterns and images, searching for “cat” and found a few patterns I liked. I created some t-shirts and tunics and one pair of leggings, added them to the store, which I named Lacey & Leger after my writing pseudonym and the cat sleuth protagonist of my books and that was it. I had a clothing brand that I never planned to launch and which surprised me as much as anyone else. My husband wasn’t amused. For one thing, making money from this will be one more thing to declare as income and it’s one more thing to stress me out. But it seemed so easy and fun that I couldn’t pass up the chance to try it.

Modsly tunic nighty black cat

So, here’s the pros and cons weighed up on Modsly:


  • It’s great if you have always dreamed of being a fashion designer but don’t have the artistic talent because everything is there for you to use easily.
  • It’s great for designers who need a new platform for their creations because they get paid for each sale using their design.
  • It’s easy for someone like me with minimal skills to use Canva to create a design from clip art and royalty free images and upload it as a design that anyone else using Modsly can use. It’s potentially a passive income.
  • It’s super quick to set up.
  • All the fabrics used are ethically sourced, for example organic cotton or recycled polyester.
  • Everything is made in Poland, which is the EU, so you can be pretty sure that everyone involved in the manufacturing process is getting a fair wage.

black t-shirt leopard print trim


  • There’s no mobile site. I mean, literally no mobile site for designers. You have to use the web if you want to update your store or create an item to place in the store.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a lot of people using it at the moment, so chances of making any money are pretty slim, although it’s highly possible it will take off.
  • When you upload a design of your own, it’s small. Like, tiny. So you have to keep it simple.
  • The clothes on sale aren’t cheap. I’ve already had one person take time out of her day to message me and tell me that it’s out of her budget (and WHAT…?!). In today’s world, where there’s a massive recession, possibly a depression on the way, it’s possible that people just won’t have the disposable income to spend on your creations.
  • There’s very little information around about this site. Their Twitter profile has been on the go since 2015 but they’re only just recruiting influencers to sign up so I’m not sure what they’ve been doing until now. It’s always a red flag to me when I can’t find information about a company online, although everything that I can find seems legit.

leopard print leggings modsly review

I have mixed feelings about this, which you might have guessed from the pros and cons. On the one hand, I think it’s a fabulous idea, has great potential and I’m excited about launching a cat themed clothing store. On the other hand, I’m just not sure that in the economic climate we’re in if it’s really such a good idea to invest a huge amount of time in designing your own store. Also, if it’s such a great idea, why isn’t everyone else jumping on this? Do they simply need more exposure? I’m happy to help with that, which is one of the reasons why I’m writing this blog (the other two reasons being to promote my own store and to provide an honest appraisal for others in my situation who really want to use the site but aren’t sure what they’re getting themselves into).

black and white leopard print t-shirt

Essentially, I think this is a potential winner. This post might not age well and I could be reading it back in a few years wondering what the hell I was thinking, but every company that is now successful has started somewhere. I mean, we’ve all seen that pic of Jeff Bezos in his garage in 1999 with a sheet behind him with the words spray painted on and look at where he is now. Who knows where Modsly might go?

white kitten cat t-shirt

If you’d like to visit my own store and take a look at Lacey & Leger‘s cat themed clothing range, please go ahead and click I’m trying to always keep the items at sale prices to make them more affordable and I’m working on new items one morning each week, so keep checking back often. I’ve got ten items online at the time of writing. Hopefully by the time anyone reads this there will be more. I’ve added a couple of designs of my own to the database in the hope that someone else will use them. I’ve also got a Facebook page and would love some likes.

queen cat t-shirt

If you’ve had any experience with Modsly, I would love to hear about it. Please comment below and let me know how it went.


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    Wow amazing well done sharon 😁👍👏

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