Fife Autocentre Mobile Tyre Fitting – Good For Lock Down Car Care?

Advertisement: This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Fife Autocentre. I have been paid to feature them here on this site. Disclaimer: The content is written by me in my own words but is not a review of the service.

When I heard that lock down was happening, I had lots of worries. They were probably the same as yours. What does it even mean? How long will it last? Will we be allowed to go to supermarkets? One thing I didn’t think about was my car, and I probably should have because in my house, our cars are what’s caused us the most trouble. Firstly, my husband‘s car broke down on VE day. I took it out for a short drive to keep it from seizing up but it was too late. There was already damage done from lack of use. We managed to get it rescued and returned home and it hasn’t turned a wheel since. Then there was yesterday. Oh, how I ache from the pain of not having driven any distance for three whole months and then jumping into a car, thinking all my ankle and hip muscles wouldn’t have missed the driving! But it is possible to maintain your car during the lock down and it can be done safely and from home.

car lock down

During the lock down phase, our cars have stayed idle for extended periods and that can cause all sorts of problems. The health of our cars can deteriorate (and the health of the muscles we use to drive them, so it would seem). A stay at home car care routine is essential and part of that is locating a mobile tyre fitting service. This is when Fife Autocentre steps forward. They provide this service, which is going to be really helpful for drivers who can’t visit a garage, or rather wouldn’t visit one right now.

Because I’m in Ayrshire and they’re in Fife, I haven’t been able to try the service for myself, so this post is really just a feature to let you know that it’s available, and if you live in the Fife area, it’s going to be particularly helpful. They’ve been offering this service for a while now, so it’s not like they’re just trying to capitalise on the lock down. I actually found an article online from 2017 about their service, so you know that they’re well established. If you call them, an experienced fitter will come out to a location of your choice and handle the tyre fitting for you. It can be your home or your workplace or somewhere else. They have a fully equipped mobile van that they’ll bring with them.

Fife Autocentre are also mindful that their customers may be anxious about safety right now. That’s why they are ensuring that they follow safety protocols at all times. Each van is fitted with its own independent power supply, safety equipment, Air Guns and compressors along with jacks, powerful lighting and digital tyre pressure tools. They can fit tyres up to 24″ in diameter and can carry out tyre fitting on a range of different vehicles, so even if you have a small commercial van or an off-road 4 x 4 vehicle, Fife Autocentre can assist you.

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The price you pay will include the following:

  • Tyre fitting
  • Disposal of your old tyre
  • New valve (TPMS and aluminium valves are going to incur an additional charge)
  • Wheel balancing

There’s also an out of hours or an out of area service available, but as you would expect, this could possibly incur an additional charge.

So, you may be thinking that you haven’t used your car much during lock down, or aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so you don’t need to change your tyres, but honestly I think this is a good time to get these little jobs done so that when things go back to normal and we’re all travelling more, your car is up to the job. You might be an essential worker who has been using their car as normal but you’re left with the problem of having nowhere to take it for repairs and maintenance because many garages are closed. Perhaps you’re shielding and can’t get out. I definitely think that a mobile tyre fitting service is a good idea, especially right now, and I like the fact that the vans are fully equipped and even have their own power supply!

tyre road fife autocentre

To be honest, before I was approached to write this feature, I didn’t know that such a service existed and now that I do, I’m wondering why I haven’t used a mobile tyre fitting service in the past. I’m just sorry that I live in Ayrshire and can’t use it. If you live in the Fife area, now you can easily use the mobile tyre fitting service from Fife Autocentre (01592631211) by booking the tyres you require online.


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