Craze Sensations Compound Kit 4 Pack Assortment Review

I’ve been quite interested in ASMR for a while now. I wanted to start my own ASMR YouTube channel, but I don’t really have the time to keep a channel updated. I do still enjoy playing around with ASMR sands and slimes though. I recently received a Craze Sensations Compound Kit 4 Pack Assortment from Canal Toys which gave me a chance to have a relaxing ASMR session that I can share with you.

Although this review is written about a gifted item, all opinions are my own and they haven’t been affected by receiving a free item. I haven’t been paid for this review and have received no money, only the gifted item.

This pack of four different items is an ideal way to get started with ASMR play as it has a variety of textures to experiment with. Included in the pack are:

  • Butter Slime
  • Foam
  • Sand
  • Slime Bomb

There’s also a little dish of beads or foams with each item that you can use alongside or mix and match. I received a pack of brightly coloured round beads, some white crunchy beads, purple crunchy beads and white foam squares. What’s really great about this, if you’re into the full sensory experience, is that each texture has a scent too and is brightly coloured. The butter slime smells like peaches to me, the foam smells like bubble gum, the sand smells like cherries (very trippy, since it is bright yellow) and the slime bomb is a gorgeous floral scent.

You also receive a little instruction pack which is in English and French. It gives you a rundown of the scents you’ll detect with each item, and describes how pliable the consistency is, how squishy it is and whether it’s possible to form it into a ball.

Craze Sensations Foam Butter Slime ASMR

The butter slime was good for moulding into shapes. I hadn’t used butter slime before so didn’t know what to expect but it was silky and smelled delicious and fruity. It wasn’t good for stretching though but I did find it very relaxing to play with. I used this with the foam squares – very satisfying to see them mixing.

The foam was sticky and a little bit noisy. It gave me lots of brain-tingling squishy sounds. Unlike the butter slime, this is good for stretching but it’s still soft. The foam I received was purple and looked a lot like little tiny balls. It gave a good crunch when you stick your fingers into it and I found it great for relieving stress. The best thing about it was the scent of bubble gum!

The sand I received smelled like cherries, even though it was yellow. Was I imagining that?! So weird! Because it’s sand, it’s not great for stretching and it’s very crumbly but it is great for moulding and cutting. Playing with this, and the little white crunchy things that came with it, made me feel very zen and want to get back to creating that YouTube channel.

Craze Sensations Blue Yellow Sand Slime ASMR

As for the slime bomb, it was really soft and stretchy and smelled like a beautiful floral perfume. It’s the best one for stretching and for sinking your fingers into and obviously isn’t meant for moulding. It’s transparent and really great for manipulating and can go a bit bubbly after it’s been worked with.

This is priced at £9.99 from Smyths Toys and I would highly recommend this for anyone who is just getting into ASMR and experimenting to find out what they like and don’t like. It’s also great for sensory play for kids because it’s got the bright colours, satisfying sounds, appealing scents, and curious textures. It’s recommended for ages 6 and over.

What’s your favourite ASMR texture?


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