40 Before 40

When I wake up on my 40th birthday, which is still over three years away at the time of writing this list, I want to feel like I’ve accomplished everything I hoped for and have no regrets. To be honest, my 30s have sucked from the day they started and I’m aiming for a fresh start when I join Club 40.

2. Write a coaching book

3. See the Northern Lights

4. Attend a ball

5. Host a charity fundraiser

6. Learn a musical instrument

7. Climb a mountain

8. Fly in a hot air balloon

9. Ride a Segway

10. Have a night out at a casino

11. Make a best friend

12. Do a one-night cruise within the UK

13. Walk across the Giant’s Causeway

14. Pray at Petra tou Romiou

15. Go to Wales

16. Take an Autism On The Seas cruise

17. Buy a new house

18. Have a day at the races

19. Be kissed until my toes tingle and my stomach flips

20. Name A Star – 05/12/17

21. Conquer my food fear list

22. Write a cookbook

23. Do a chocolate fast for charity – Ongoing during 2018

24. Have laser hair removal

25. Try a new hair colour

26. Have my tattoo re-done

27. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight

28. Win a writing award

29. Work with an agent

30. Start a niche blog   24/5/17 

31. Get verified on Twitter

32. Get a full time job again

33. Start a pension

34. Finish level 2 of my degree

35. Clear my credit card debt

36. Become a Kindle Unlimited All Star

37. Reach 100K Twitter followers

38. See Fernand Leger artwork at Tate Modern

39. Go to a Grand Prix


EDIT: I’m leaving the last one blank because a lot can happen in three years and I may want to add to this. I’m already thinking of one I could add. A pair of Louboutins? A trip to Tahiti? Learning a foreign language? I could go on but the things I add have to really matter to me. What would be/has been on your list?