About Me

I’m Sharon, founder of Rock Paper Spirit. I live in rural Scotland. I used to have a bio that was almost 1000 words, but these days, I would rather you read my blog posts than my bio, so I’ll keep it brief.

If I could describe myself in one line, I’d say “Hi, I’m an autism carer and humanities student by day and a mystery writer and pagan lifestyle blogger by night, who is aspiring to become an ESOL teacher living in South America.”

That’s basically me in a nutshell, but please do read on.


Before becoming a full-time writer I worked as a book-keeper, a paralegal, a perfume stylist, a mystery shopper and most recently as a building society counter clerk. Yes, it was as boring as it sounds. Perhaps even more so.

I have an 11 year old YouTuber son and 4 step-grandchildren, aged from 1-13. I am also a proud dog-mum to a 7 year old Jack Russell named Rum, who has his own blog.

lacey dearie

My Writing Career

I started writing professionally in 2002, beginning with a focus on articles in women’s magazines. I had work published in The Lady, Woman and Best before I moved on to writing fiction. I have self-published over 80 books to date, although they aren’t all available for sale any more as some were shelved.

I now write short stories in Scots, contemporary women’s fiction and I dabble in erotica. I say dabble because who really knows if they’re any good at that kind of thing? I only self-publish erotica now as I am trying the traditional route for everything else I write. Since going down the traditional route I have had work published in the Lallans Journal, which encouraged me to keep writing in my native Scots. I will hopefully have more success in the coming years. Stay tuned!

Work With Me

I am happy to work with brands on this blog or on my social media channels. My fees are fixed and I do not negotiate. Please contact me directly for more information. I also do not sign NDAs, so please do not ask.

I do accept gifted items – please see my gifting policy for details on how to collaborate through this route.

If you’d like to work with me, please contact me on or send me a message on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I also ghost write. If you would like to work with me in this capacity, please contact me on LinkedIn.



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