I’m Lacey, founder of Rock Paper Spirit. I try to condense my bio to “Just a girl with a laptop and a dream” which is essentially what I am. Although, given that I’m now in my late 30s, I might be pushing my luck by referring to myself as a girl!

lacey dearie

There are so many other things I could say about myself but I’ll keep it short. I’m a writer, with peaks and troughs of success, like many writers have. I write e-books about a feline detective, fairy tales about magical make-up, love stories about randy baked goods and the occasional chick-lit novel. I contribute to a tech website called OxGadgets and run a niche perfume blog.

In my other life I was a paralegal and gave it up to care for my six-year-old whirlwind. He really is awesome although he is my chaos and my calm in equal measure. During my time as a work-from-home mother I started a small kitchen table perfumery. I gave it up last year, deciding that I would rather write about perfume than make it.

I’m a student at The Open University, currently studying for my BA in Arts & Humanities, specialising (this month, I change my major often) in Creative Writing / Religious Studies.

Rock Paper Spirit is my hobby blog and my passion. It’s also the name of my publishing company and as well as my own books, I’m about to branch out into publishing books for other independent writers.

Rock Paper Spirit is about all things indie and obscure. It’s about showing love to the small brands, the entrepreneurs, the established brands with a cult following and the newbies on the scene. Want to feature? I’d love to hear from you! If you fall into one of the categories below, email me at info@laceydearie.com or you can head to my Contact Me page. This list is not exhaustive and there are parenting/food/health sections on my site as well as diary updates!

Fashion: Brands with only one or two stores who don’t charge the earth. Indie lingerie. Hand crafted jewellery. Quirky accessories – the type you would find at your local market being sold by someone who makes them all individually after the kids go to bed at night.

Beauty: Cult fragrances. Made to order products. Larger brands with an ethical, altruistic approach to beauty.

Music: Pop punk. Ska. Alternative rock. Anyone from any genre trying to make it on their own without a big financial backer. But really I’m a rock chick at heart, even though I dress like I’m off to a Little Mix gig.

Books: Chick-lit romances to erotica and everything in between. Cozy mysteries. Cat sleuths. Bizarro. Any writer with a small press publishing deal or flying solo as an indie author.

Travel: Europe only…for the moment. Boutique hotels. Glamping. Small and intimate family-run restaurants. Road trips and all that they entail.



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      Hello, Please email info @ laceydearie.com with a brief description of the content you would like to share and we will discuss a price.

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