Work With Me

You may be wondering who I am and why you would want to work with me. Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Lacey Dearie and I am an author and blogger based in the Glasgow area. I have been writing professionally since 2002 but I used to have a well-established career as a paralegal. Freelance writing was just my side hustle. However, for the last 4 years, I’ve been writing full-time – with no day job to back me up. Eeek! That was a scary step.

I wrote a novel that ended up being an Amazon UK bestseller, reaching the Top 100 overall and number 1 in its category. I followed that up by writing a series of cat sleuth novellas which reached the top of the charts in the cozy mystery category all over the world, although my proudest moment was my Japanese number 1. I always wanted to be big in Japan!

I’ve also written for various publications, both in print and online, including The Lady, Woman, Best, The Silo and OxGadgets. I can turn my hand to any kind of writing, given the chance. I’m also an associate member of the Cat Writers Association and an affiliate member of the Association of Independent Authors. This blog, Rock Paper Spirit, also won a place in Feedspot’s Top 100 Scottish blogs list this year.

Writing is my passion and I am currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in Arts & Humanities, specialising in Creative Writing and English Language.

Now that you know me a little better, here is a list of the services that I offer.

E-book Marketing

Perhaps you’ve written a book and after the marathon of drafting, editing and getting the book ready for sale, you’re exhausted and marketing just feels too much. That’s where I come in. I can help you promote your book, both on my social media channels and in other media outlets. I can also offer advice about what steps to take next, now that you’ve got a book on sale.

  • Interviews – £10
  • Guest blog posts – £0.03 per word
  • Media kit – £30
  • Press release – £0.05 per word
  • Facebook post – £10 per shoutout
  • Twitter post – £20 for 7 daily shoutouts
  • Instagram post – £40 per post

Ghost Writing

Ghost writing used to be very taboo, but these days, it makes sense, especially if you’re struggling with a particularly difficult scene. You don’t even have to use what is ghost written for publication. It can be massively helpful to have a fresh perspective and can even show you what direction you don’t want to take! If you don’t have time to finish your fiction or you just can’t find the words, let me help you. I can write or re-write difficult sections, pad out what you’ve already done or draft short stories for you.

Discretion is assured and I don’t ask for public credit for sections of the story. I do however ask for collaborative credit in the copyright section of whole short stories. Please note that any ghost written work will be a first draft.

  • Short stories up to 5K words – £0.05 per word
  • Individual scenes – £0.04 (minimum order of £20)

Social Media Promotions

I only promote products I believe in, so as well as the prices quoted below, I ask that you send me a sample so I can make an informed decision. Any product I review, whether it’s a book, a vacuum cleaner or a lipstick, will receive a feature on my blog with full colour, high-res images which will be a minimum of 500 words as well as the social media post of your choice.

  • Facebook (1.1K followers) – £10
  • Twitter (35.8K followers) – £20
  • Instagram (1.6K followers) £20


If you have a finished manuscript and don’t know what to do next, but are sure you want to self-publish, let me be your guide. I struggled at the start of my self-publishing journey because I didn’t know what to do and every time I asked a fellow chick-lit author a question, the response was always the same. “I don’t know, my husband handles it all for me.” If you’d like to ask any questions about self-publishing e-books, paperbacks or audio books, get in touch and we can chat via Skype or phone. I charge £15 per consultation, lasting a maximum of 45 minutes.

Guest Post Space

If you would like to rent out space on Rock Paper Spirit to post an article and reach an audience of over 35K people, please contact me and we can discuss your requirements. Please note, I do charge for guest posts, ie for the time it takes me to upload, check and format the article. You can include links to your own site but not affiliate links.


No matter how sharp your proofreading skills are, if you are the author of a piece you are likely to be too close to the work to spot every single problem. It can happen to even the best writers. Errors can and will be noticed by others and can be damaging to your reputation, your sales figures and your confidence. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional to take a second look. Trust me, it’s a really bad idea to ask family or friends to do it instead! I’ve made that mistake. Whether it’s a book manuscript, an essay, a letter or a job application, I can help.

Minimum charge – £10 regardless of length.

Documents 350-1000 words in length – £0.03 per word

Documents 1000-10000 words in length – £0.02 per word

Documents over 10000 words in length – £0.015 per word

Promotional services offered do not guarantee increased sales. Prices quoted may change depending on my social media stats. The price you are charged will be the price quoted on this site at the time you first make contact with me. Payment must be made in full prior to work beginning. Refunds will only be issued if I cannot complete the work in an agreed timescale. I have the right to refuse to work with clients who do not provide me with contact details. I reserve the right to refuse to work with clients whose social media behaviour does not reflect my own values. All rights reserved.