My Blogs

Below you’ll find a list of my websites and a little information about them. Please feel free to have a snoop around and see what I do on those sites! You can also check out my business page for my social media consultancy brand, Lacey Social Media.

Rock Paper Spirit – Lifestyle blog (DA 20)

This is my main blog and the one where I do a bit of everything. It’s also the only site where you’ll find a lot of adverts and sponsored posts because it’s where I make a large chunk of my income because it has the highest domain authority. I will write about pretty much anything here so if you’d like me to feature your business, products, books, or website on Rock Paper Spirit, get in touch and we can make it happen.

Lacey Dearie’s Tangled Web – Creative Writing blog (DA 16)

This is my author site and it’s where I used to play around with blogging before I started to take it seriously. A lot of the older content was wiped and now I use the space on Lacey Dearie’s Tangled Web to share writing tips that I’ve learned on my creative writing degree course. Please note I don’t review books or host author interview on there. For that, you need to go to Rock Paper Spirit.

Broken Heels – Travel blog (DA 5)

Here is where I share holiday pictures and anecdotes about my trips. I’ll also host some sponsored content about travel and sponsored posts will always be clearly marked. It mostly features Scotland and Ayrshire in particular but I’ll write about anywhere I’ve been or anywhere I’d like to go. I accept collaborations on this site.

Cherry Lip Kiss – Beauty blog

There’s a lot of older content on here from when I had a .eu domain. Back then was a beauty and lingerie blog. However, it’s now going to be a cleaner, more elegant site and will focus on beauty products and lipsticks in particular. I accept collaborations on this site.

Tinsel and Mistletoe – Christmas blog

I’m a huge fan of Christmas and all things festive, so there won’t be a lot on here until July (because Christmas in July is a thing) but toward the last quarter of the year there will be a lot happening on Tinsel and Mistletoe. Anything Christmas related is going to feature. I accept collaborations on this site.

The Nine Month Hug – Parenting blog

I’m at a really fun stage of parenting right now where my son isn’t a little kid any more but he’s not a tween yet. It’s my favourite stage so far and until now I had no desire to start a parenting blog. But now, I feel like I might enjoy it, so I’ve purchased the domain and it’s in the pipeline. I’ll write about any parenting issue and any autism parenting issue. I accept collaborations on this site.

Always On Tip Toes – Petite fashion blog

I just wanted to have a fashion blog, for the hell of it. I don’t care that I’m nearly 40 and a bit chunkier than I used to be. I just want to share the clothes I love on a blog. I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do with this yet, but it’s in the pipeline. I accept guest collaborators on this site, especially from petite or tall bloggers.

The Perfume Blogger – Perfume blog

In another life I was a perfumer and taught others how to make their own signature scents. I closed my business down at the end of 2016 and decided I would rather write about perfume than make it. The Perfume Blogger was born but went into hiatus some time around the end of 2017. I’ve rejuvenated the site and bought the domain again so here you’ll find fragrance reviews, lots of news on what’s new in fragrance and lessons on how to make your own perfume. I accept collaborations on this site.