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    Fashion,  The A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019

    A to Z Blogging Challenge: K is for Knee Boots

    Almost at the end of the second week and starting to schedule posts again today. There was a point this when I could easily have given up on this challenge. It doesn’t sound that difficult to people who aren’t doing it but writing a blog post every day for a month is as difficult as a diet. There’s a huge amount of stamina and discipline involved and when you have an off-day and you’re tired, you’d rather watch TV than sit in front of the laptop, blogging. It’s especially difficult when there aren’t many people engaging with the posts. That makes it feel pointless at times but I’m going to…

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    Fashion,  The A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019

    A to Z Blogging Challenge: F is for Four Feet Ten

    Ah, I made it to the end of the first week of the challenge! And what’s more, I had all of these posts scheduled. I actually wrote this one in March, so I feel really pleased with myself for being so organised. First, I suppose I should wish you a happy weekend. Secondly, I should thank you for sticking with me thus far. And finally, here’s my sixth A to Z Blogging Challenge Post. F is for Four Feet Ten. That might sound like it doesn’t fit with the wish list theme, but bear with me please. It does. Four Feet Ten would be the name of my petite fashion…

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    Interview With Anna Nylander – Stylist and Personal Shopper

    Like many women, I have a keen interest in fashion and clothing.  I’m probably too old to be a typical fashion blogger as what I look for in an outfit has changed over the years and I’m no longer satisfied to wear what I find on the high street.  That’s why when I was introduced to stylist and personal shopper, Anna Nylander, I jumped at the chance to interview her!  So, in true Lacey Dearie style, we took an imaginary trip to Stockholm Fashion Week (because I can’t afford to go for real) and had a chat about what it’s really like to be a stylist. Tell us a little…

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    A to Z of Lingerie: G is for Guipure

    I didn’t manage to get the whole A to Z of Lingerie done during the month of April so I’m catching up and scheduling these posts now, so that they will eventually all be available for people to read if they want. I’ll also do a round-up post once I’m finished which will list the entire A to Z of Lingerie and feature links for each topic. Today is G which is for Guipure. Here’s another one of those French words. Do you see a theme emerging here? Guipure is a type of lace but it’s a heavy lace. When I think of guipure I don’t necessarily think of lingerie…

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    A to Z of Lingerie – F is for Fishnets

    Thanks for sticking with my A to Z of Lingerie posts so far. I’ve cheated slightly and taken some material I wrote a few years ago about lingerie items as inspiration for some posts (and sometimes lifted a few paragraphs) but this is still all my own work. And for the first time today, there are some pictures of me! Although, just my legs, no face. Eeek! So, yesterday was E for Eyelet Embroidery, which is more pretty than sexy. Let’s take the heat up a few notches today. F is for fishnets.  Oh, they are definitely my favourite thing ever.  I could write about them all day!  In fact,…