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    Interview With Anna Nylander – Stylist and Personal Shopper

    Like many women, I have a keen interest in fashion and clothing.  I’m probably too old to be a typical fashion blogger as what I look for in an outfit has changed over the years and I’m no longer satisfied to wear what I find on the high street.  That’s why when I was introduced to stylist and personal shopper, Anna Nylander, I jumped at the chance to interview her!  So, in true Lacey Dearie style, we took an imaginary trip to Stockholm Fashion Week (because I can’t afford to go for real) and had a chat about what it’s really like to be a stylist. Tell us a little…

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    Nude Jewellery – It’s All You Need To Wear

    Jewellery can be very powerful. It makes a statement about who you are, who you love and how you want others to see you. It makes sense to take care when choosing a piece for yourself or someone else since they will potentially wear it more often than they wear any item of clothing. That’s why it’s surprising to think that something that is basically an extension of ourselves and our personalities is so often made in bulk and sold in chain stores. That’s why when I found Nude Jewellery I knew I had to reach out and request to work with them. Established in 2001, they are a London-based…

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    Review: Willow Layne Lingerie ‘The Simone’ Bralette

    Disclaimer: I received a free sample of a Willow Layne Lingerie product in exchange for an honest review. I have received no money for this post. There’s nothing I love more than discovering a new lingerie brand and one of the best places to find them these days is on Instagram. That’s where I stumbled across Willow Layne Lingerie. I instantly fell in love with their bralettes and the brand as a whole. Their products are ethical, 100% vegan and best of all, the designs are beautiful. I’ve included a few photos I took myself with my smartphone of the garment I’m reviewing as well as professional pictures. This is…

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    Brighton Lace: English Handmade Lace Lingerie

    I love trawling the Internet looking for new lingerie brands, especially small companies with an ethical approach to fashion. I was delighted to find Brighton Lace, an English brand whose products are gorgeous, elegant and handcrafted. Brighton Lace is a three women team, founded by Lou. They handcraft the underwear and everything is made in England. Each collection is Limited Edition. When they find lace they like, they have to snap up the fabric when they find it and then start again by sourcing new lace once that’s done. It’s also a sustainable brand that gives back to the individual, global and local community. They have a supportive working environment…

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    Hairon Zero Crease Hair Ties

    I’ve been meaning to write about these for a while and never got round to it but today is the day! In a recent Pink Parcel I received a box of Hairon Zero Crease Hair Ties. They are plastic spirals formed into a loop and the concept is that because of their shape, when you use these to bind your hair into a ponytail, they won’t leave that tell-tale crease at the end of the day. In the box I received there were three ties and all were pink. This was fine because I love pink things but they also come in a variety of colours like yellow, red, blue,…