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    Quick and Easy Lamb Bhuna Recipe

    There was a time when I didn’t enjoy cooking. I was more of an eat-to-live kind of person and it’s only since my son has started to take an interest in joining me in the kitchen that I’ve begun to enjoy preparing meals. Today I want to share a recipe that I’ve been making for a few years now, for lamb bhuna. This is a dish I first tried out when I was pregnant and preparing meals to freeze for those difficult “babymoon” days when your mind is mush and you need something quick and simple that you can remove from the freezer. So, here is my recipe, which takes…

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    Guest Post: Creating A Popular and Successful Blog That Beats The Competition

    For some people, a blog is just a platform to create a personal online journal. For other people, a blog is an opportunity to connect with readers. If you fall into the latter category then you might want some assistance to get your voice heard by people out there on the internet. The following suggestions should help you to create a popular and successful blog that beats the competition. Credit Create an appealing website The best way to create a popular and successful blog that beats the competition is to prioritise your presentation. A well-designed website is bound to make a better impact on visitors within the first few seconds…

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    Guest Post: Excellent Reasons Why You Might Consider Going Back To School

    And you thought your school days were behind you? Well, they may be, but there are some excellent reasons why you might consider getting back into education. Sure, going back to college or uni as a mature student can be tough, whether you opt for classroom or online-based courses, but the rewards are plentiful. Here are some of the reasons why. You will gain extra qualifications At the top of the list is the most obvious reason why you should get back into education. The opportunity to earn qualifications will both a) help you get into a career you have been dreaming of, and b) improve your knowledge and your skill…

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    Guest Post: It’s Time To Let Your Hair Down

    Sometimes in life, all you’re thinking about is the daily grind. You don’t really have anything outside of your normal routine where you’re actually letting your hair down. No, taking the kids out isn’t letting your hair down, or going out for a meal. Because you still have other things on your mind. You’re not fully letting go of the troubles you have, and relaxing in to the fun. Which is what we’re going to try and stop today. We know what it takes to be able to unwind, and we seriously think you should be doing it more often. It’s so good for our bodies and souls. So, if…

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    Guest Post: Give Your Kids Some Extra Confidence!

    The world can be a pretty scary place for kids. After all, everyone around them is far bigger and more imposing than them and they end up having to follow lots of rules that they might not necessarily understand. You, as a parent, might know that you’re doing what’s best for them, but they’re not necessarily going to understand that. Because of that, it’s incredibly common for little ones to become pretty nervous and lack confidence. And, let’s face it, lacking in confidence is something we all deal with, no matter your age. However, there are things that you can do in order to help your kids feel just a…