Gifting Policy

If you send me a gift to review on my blog or post about online, here are my terms and conditions.

Sending me a gift

If you send me an item without payment, this is considered a gift. I will gratefully accept the kind gift and post content about the item on social media and my blog with the hashtag #gifted. No demands should be made regarding timescales of posting or tone of content. If you wish the content to be posted within a specific timescale, please note that paid work is always prioritised. At this point the item is considered sponsored content and would be treated as a priority.

Unsolicited gifts

If you send me a gift without prior agreement, I am under no obligation to speak about the item on social media.

I aim to post within two weeks but this is flexible

I do aim to post promptly about gifted items, but paid work will always be prioritised. That means if sponsored content comes in, or I have a fiction deadline, that will take priority. I am happy to receive a polite nudge if you would like me to be a little quicker!

Please acknowledge that you have read my policy

During discussions, I will provide the link to this gifting policy in our correspondence. Please acknowledge that you have read my policy and are in agreement with my terms.

All links to your brand are no-follow

Rules are rules and I’m not risking being penalised by Google or the ASA!

All images taken by me, used in my post, remain my property

Please contact me directly to obtain consent. I would also like the chance to share any articles or social posts using my images with all my followers, so it is beneficial to contact me first.

You must provide me with the value of the gift before sending

This is because I have to declare the gifts as earnings.

You must bear the cost of shipping and tax

This is not negotiable. If I require to pay shipping and tax, the item is no longer considered a gift as I have not received a free item.

My opinions are my own

You can be assured that all my articles will be balanced and honest, looking at the positives and the negatives and weighing them up. If I find that a gifted item is problematic for any reason, I will refrain from saying anything wholly negative. I will instead contact the sender directly to make my concerns known privately.