In case you didn’t know, here at Rock Paper Spirit, we like reading. We like it A LOT. We also like promoting authors, especially independently published ones, as well as other creative types like poets, musicians and even stylists. If you would like to feature on the blog, get in touch and we can discuss making that happen. But if you just like being nosy and reading author interviews, please take a look at some of the ones we’ve done recently.

Atina Atwood – Valentine’s Masquerade Ball With Atina Atwood

Fiona Glass – Ghost Hunting With Fiona Glass

Jessica Goodwin – Wedding Crashing With Jessica Goodwin

Dianna Gunn – Hunting For Magic Treasure With Dianna Gunn

Craig Hallam – Time Travelling To Victorian London With Craig Hallam

Carol Ann Kauffman – People Watching At A Grand Prix With Carol Ann Kauffman

Sasha Lane – Tapas, Cocktails and Chat With Sasha Lane

Alex Milligan – On The Bed With Lacey (An Interview With My Husband)

Anna Nylander – Interview With Swedish Personal Shopper, Anna Nylander

J. S. Strange – Solving A Murder Mystery With J S Strange