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    How To Survive Your First Year As A Mature Student

    This week I received some good news. I passed my first year of university! It’s been full of ups and downs. Well, mostly downs if I’m honest. I’m just glad that the first year is over. I’m not allowed to share my exact mark but I was one point away from getting a distinction. Maybe next year I’ll get one. I enrolled with the Open University last June for numerous reasons. Firstly, I wanted to learn. That’s a pretty good place to start, right? Secondly, I wanted to meet new people and I certainly have. I’m not sure I’ve formed any meaningful connections but studying has definitely thrown me into…

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    When Travel Blogging Goes Wrong

    One of the reasons why I’ve always shied away from pro-blogging is that I am far too honest. I would even go so far as to say that I have honesty Tourettes. I can’t help it. If I’m not happy with something, I can’t pretend that I am and I often roll my eyes at the sight of all the sycophantic blogs that do nothing but praise. I told myself that when I started RockPaperSpirit, I wouldn’t have to tell any lies. I would work only with brands I love. I would blog only about products I believe in and keep my fingers still when I hate something, but does…

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    Meet The Designer: Cherry Hurren of Cherry Lingerie London

    A few years ago I used to run a beauty and lingerie blog called Making It Up As I Go Along. It was so much fun to try out different garments and I loved the brands I reviewed but there wasn’t a lot of heart in it when you’re just trying on another generic bra from Ann Summers that’s pink this time instead of black. That’s why when I started RockPaperSpirit I chose to seek out niche brands and handmade garments, so today I am absolutely thrilled to feature Cherry Lingerie London! And even more exciting than that, this isn’t just a feature, I also managed to bag a short…

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    Flawless Eco-Friendly Vegan Makeup Accessories

    It’s time to feature another small business and this is another one I stumbled across in my latest Pink Parcel. Flawless are an eco-friendly, vegan make-up accessories brand who have an online store. All their products are cruelty-free and approved by PETA using ethical materials and never from cruelly farmed animals. They provide mostly make-up brushes and glitter pots and I tried out the single blusher brush. The brush has a polished wooden handle, comes in a single pack and is crafted using synthetic fibres. My first impressions were that the wooden handle was polished to perfection and you could still smell the varnish – but that wasn’t unpleasant and…

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    Tinder For Friends? My Experience With Hey Vina

    I have an embarrassing confession to make. I don’t have a lot of female friends. I used to have male friends but over the last few years, both the male and female have left my life, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it was a difference in lifestyle that changed the dynamic of the friendship. With others they behaved inappropriately once social networking became an everyday part of life and put you in the path of people you wouldn’t normally associate with (I’m looking at you, partner of my sister’s best friend who thought it was acceptable to send suggestive comments to my inbox). Sometimes, the friendship just fizzled out…