• lacey dearie husband
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    On The Bed With Lacey – An Interview With My Husband!

    Due to a family bereavement, a to-do list bottleneck, an e-book launch and an audio book that’s been sitting for far too long, I have decided to do a Throwback Week on RockPaperSpirit. I first started blogging in 2005 and I’ve moved from one platform to another as the years passed, each time leaving behind a wealth of material that should never have been cast aside. So, this week I want to re-publish some old material from previous sites, which gives me a little breathing space and hopefully is entertaining for readers, old and new alike. Today’s blog is from September 2012 when I interviewed my husband, Alex. Read on…

  • l k jay the listening post
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    The Listening Post by L K Jay

    It’s time to feature a book from a RockPaperSpirit regular contributor and today we’re looking at The Listening Post by L K Jay. I read this book back in 2012 while on holiday and although I’m not a fan of ghost stories, I decided that since it was written by a friend and fellow indie author this was the perfect time to step out of my comfort zone. I’m always apprehensive of reviewing books from unfamiliar genres because I have little to compare them with but let’s look at it as just a book, rather than pigeon-holing it. I have to say I genuinely enjoyed this book and recommended it…

  • Beauty,  Reviews

    Figs & Rouge Hero Cream Review

    I love discovering new brands and one of the beauty subscription services I am signed up for sent me a tin of Figs & Rouge Hero Cream. Figs & Rouge are a brand who aim to “combine cutting edge formulations with bio-active technologies” and the desired result is a more luminous complexion. Their products contain glycosides, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which all sounds really healthy, but does it work? Firstly, the packaging is really funky and fun. The creams come in screw-top tins that are study and lightweight and slip easily into your handbag for hydration on the go. They have limited edition designs which are colourful and…

  • Mental Health,  Student Life

    How To Survive Your First Year As A Mature Student

    This week I received some good news. I passed my first year of university! It’s been full of ups and downs. Well, mostly downs if I’m honest. I’m just glad that the first year is over. I’m not allowed to share my exact mark but I was one point away from getting a distinction. Maybe next year I’ll get one. I enrolled with the Open University last June for numerous reasons. Firstly, I wanted to learn. That’s a pretty good place to start, right? Secondly, I wanted to meet new people and I certainly have. I’m not sure I’ve formed any meaningful connections but studying has definitely thrown me into…

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    When Travel Blogging Goes Wrong

    One of the reasons why I’ve always shied away from pro-blogging is that I am far too honest. I would even go so far as to say that I have honesty Tourettes. I can’t help it. If I’m not happy with something, I can’t pretend that I am and I often roll my eyes at the sight of all the sycophantic blogs that do nothing but praise. I told myself that when I started RockPaperSpirit, I wouldn’t have to tell any lies. I would work only with brands I love. I would blog only about products I believe in and keep my fingers still when I hate something, but does…