Last night I couldn’t sleep.  So, I got up, got a drink and sat down to look at my book’s stats for the umpteenth time since last Monday. I’m glad I did because I was number… View Post


Dear Mr Healy, I attended one of your concerts at the start of 2002.  You were amazing.  Your music was great and I went home with tons of happy memories. But something that happened at… View Post

I’m now officially on holiday from work.  My husband’s finished work until 5th January, the cleaning is done, all the shopping is bought, the presents are wrapped, the cards are sent and all I have… View Post

Sometimes the best ideas – or most original ideas – come to you when you least expect it…   For quite some time now, I’ve been experiencing RAGE at the number of calls I’ve been… View Post

Once upon a time, my husband and I used to celebrate our anniversary with a trip somewhere we always fancied, but couldn’t be arsed going to for a whole week.  Like Krakow.  Or Belfast.  Then… View Post