Welcome to the side-hustles section of my site. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I can’t keep my mind on one thing for too long, but luckily for me, it’s the 21st century and nobody has to stick to one path if they aren’t that way inclined. That’s why I’ve started a lot of little side-hustles. I basically think everyone should have at least one. So, below are links and a little bit about the other things I do, besides blogging here on Rock Paper Spirit.

Books: Lacey Dearie

I’ve been writing fiction since 2011 under the pseudonym Lacey Dearie. As Lacey I started writing chick-lit but quickly shifted to writing cozy mysteries. Using this pen name I write the Leger Cat Sleuth Mysteries and the Candlelight Lane Mysteries and my back-catalogue includes The Gastro-Romance Trilogy and the Gean Fairy Tales which are a reworked version of something I had published a while ago. You can find my books on Amazon, although I’m also working on bringing them to iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc.

leger cat sleuth lacey dearie make money online self-publishing write a book

Fashion: Lacey & Leger

Founded in May 2020, Lacey & Leger is a new clothing line that I’ve had a hand in designing. It’s hosted by Modsly, a Polish site that lets you create your own clothing line with minimal skills and not much more than ideas and ambitions. Lacey & Leger is cat themed clothing, sometimes cute, sometimes sexy, but always ethical. The fabrics are all ethically sourced, for example organic cotton or recycled polyester, and it’s really important to me that all the garments are made in the EU so that everyone is, by law, getting treated fairly.

Books: Heidi Hendren

In 2020, I decided to make the move I had always wanted to make and write travel romances. As a younger woman, that’s what I wanted to do. It’s what I enjoy reading most and it’s where my heart lies. To accompany the travel romances, I’ve started a travel blog (probably not the best idea in 2020) called Broken Heels. Here I post excerpts from the stories, articles about the locations that inspired the books and of course little promo pieces about the books. The first book by Heidi Hendren is due in autumn 2020, although it might be sooner.

heidi hendren travel romance

Publishing: Rock Paper Spirit Books

This is my newest venture and it’s something that I’ll post more about once it’s properly up and running. At the moment I only have one dream diary for sale but I’m uploading around 5-10 products per day so plenty more will follow.

There are a few other things in the works, but I’ll post more about them in due course. Right now, I think it’s prudent to stick to the things that are already either up and running or that I have almost ready to roll out. Come back soon to see what else is happening!