Moving House Without A Hitch

Each spring I like to take stock of my life and re-visit some goals. Sometimes it can be as simple changing my bedtime routine or reminding myself that I made a resolution back in January that needs to be maintained. One year, totally on a whim, I moved house. It’s almost the anniversary of when we moved so that made me think about a post I wanted to write, sharing the mistakes I made when I was moving house so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes!

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Organise Your Packing When Moving House

When packing for a house move, I think it’s really important to organise everything you’re taking with you by room. Unfortunately, a whole load of things were packed into boxes based on how much could be fit in the box rather than where they would be unpacked. If you keep all the kitchen items in a specially designated kitchen box, you’ll be able to retrieve them easily and things will be much less stressful when you arrive at your new home.

It’s also a really good idea to have a special box for items you’ll need as soon as you arrive. In this, I’d put the microwave, the kettle, a couple of ready meals or instant snacks that can cook in the microwave or with hot water, tea bags, biscuits, phone chargers, some cash, batteries, a change of clothes or pyjamas and a toilet bag full of bathroom essentials.

moving house viking tapes

Use Good Quality Packing Materials

It might be tempting to take boxes and tape from well-meaning friends and family if they are offering to gift them to you rather than buying them, but don’t. Trust me, it’s just not worth it, especially if a box isn’t sturdy and has been used a couple of times already. You know what is going to happen? It is going to explode in transit, resulting in frustration, time wasted and precious items lost. The tape is just as important as the box itself, maybe even more so and it’s really important to choose the right tape. I think when we moved, it was bog-standard cheap brown parcel tape and it let us down. There are different kinds of tape available on the market so it’s vitally important to choose the right one for packing your boxes. Viking Tapes are a 3m tapes stockist and their website has a few tapes available, including one that is specifically for packaging. It’s a good idea to invest in the right boxes and tape for the job.

moving house viking tapes

Be Prepared To Do a Deep Clean

I’m kind of obsessed with cleaning at the moment because I’ve been subscribing to lots of cleaning profiles on Instagram. Maybe it’s also something to do with the healthy eating regime I’ve adopted? Seeing my house transform into a sparkly little place is being classed as a non-food treat. Anyway, one time I moved house, the previous owner had…ahem…kindly left us a lot of dust and grime to deal with, not to mention a garden full of dog mess. No matter how nice the house looked when you viewed it before buying, it might look different in the cold light of day, especially if you’re moving in a few weeks after your viewing. Buy up a whole load of cleaning materials just in case and be prepared to do a thorough deep clean before you unpack. I don’t know, maybe I was just naive but I didn’t expect the house to be in the state it was in when it had only been vacant for a couple of days.


Don’t Delegate The Unpacking When Moving House

My lovely, well-meaning husband offered to do a whole load of unpacking on our first weekend in the new house and I let him because I had the chance to go to the theatre on a girls’ afternoon out. No matter how tempting it is, don’t let someone else take care of your unpacking, even your spouse! Be present, oversee what’s being unpacked and put away and stay in control. Because I wasn’t there, I came home to a new house with all my things put in places I didn’t know existed (secret cupboard under the stairs, anyone?), I spent my first few months in the house feeling very confused on a daily basis and not really feeling like it was my house.

What tips would you share for moving house, that you wish you had known before you moved?

Disclaimer: I’m writing this post in collaboration with Viking Tapes. This is not a review and I cannot recommend a specific product.