A to Z of Blogging Challenge: R is for Raikkonen

This is another backdated post because I fell a little bit behind over the Easter holiday weekend. What can I say? It’s just more fun to sunbathe and eat chocolate than it is to work! However, I’m back to working hard on this blog and others and back to writing my A to Z Blogging Challenge posts. Today is R for Raikkonen and if you’re at all interested in motor sport, you’ll know that name. It’s about Kimi Raikkonen, my current favourite driver.

a to z blogging challenge

I have a kind of complicated admiration for Kimi Raikkonen. I’ve been a fan of his since he joined Formula 1 and imagine how delighted I was when he joined McLaren all those years ago. Him and David Coulthard, my two favourite drivers at that time, both driving for my favourite team. That’s probably my favourite era of Formula 1. There are things I like about him and things I just shake my head about. Like the way he speaks to journalists sometimes. But, his attitude makes him who he is and if possible, makes him even more likeable? I don’t even know how that is possible, but it seems to be because I know I’m not alone in thinking he is the most interesting driver in Formula 1.

The reason I’ve put him on my wish list is because I’d love to see him win one last grand prix before he retires, which could be soon, given that he’s older than I am. In an Alfa Romeo, I don’t think that’s a realistic wish to have, but I still wish for it all the same. I feel ok about hoping he does well now too because he’s in an Alfa Romeo. When he was driving for Ferrari, I wasn’t really comfortable with cheering him on. I don’t have a big issue with Ferrari, but I’m a McLaren fan and if it’s not them doing well, I’d rather it was another underdog team. (By the way, I know the picture below isn’t his car but there is a shockingly small number of royalty free images you can use relating to Formula 1 and this was the only good one!)


I’ve written before about my love for Formula 1, a few years ago when I made a guest appearance on The Silo. Remember that website? Yeah, I haven’t been there in a while but I went back today to look for the link to that article I wrote. The reason I don’t write about Formula 1 is because, as the years have passed and social networks become polluted with trolls, being a female F1 fan made me a target. I couldn’t have an opinion, I couldn’t discuss races and I couldn’t feel happy about my favourite drivers’ successes without my intelligence or appearance being criticised. As I’m typing this blog I’m wondering what’s ahead of me. Will I become a target again? Will I be ridiculed for writing a blog about being a fan of a driver but not using lots of complex terminology that non-F1 fans won’t understand? I wonder…

Perhaps the thing I should be putting on my wish list is the opportunity to write about my favourite sport and discuss it with fellow fans again without fear of being trolled. That would be kinda cool.

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