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    How A Pet Helps You During A Panic Attack

    Those who suffer from severe anxiety are often prone to panic attacks. These attacks can last for up to 20 minutes, and regular attacks can have such a detrimental effect on a person’s quality of life. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs are usually the first point of call when it comes to preventing future attacks from occurring, but how do you treat the symptoms during an actual attack? This is where a pet can be such a huge help. A DOG’S INCREDIBLE SENSE OF SMELL It is common knowledge that dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell, one that is far greater than that of humans. However, in addition to using…

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    Putting Out The Fire

    Disclaimer: I am not a therapist and cannot offer anyone any advice. I can only tell my own story. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have been struggling a lot lately and part of the problem is a lack of support. I’m not yet ready to talk about everything that’s been happening and there are a few things I can’t talk about for legal reasons. They’ll be shared as soon as the person who triggered this problem has had his trial but for now, I can talk about my own life and the challenges I’m facing as a result of the trauma. I decided to consult a…

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    The Quest For The Magic Shield – Or How I’m Struggling To Find Support As A Student

    I feel like I’m in one of those adventure games where I can see the special item I need – let’s say it’s a shield – and there is a path across the foggy woods to where the shield is. It should be easy to pass, but every time I try, there’s goblins jumping out in front of me, shouting the most hurtful things. They have friendly faces and they’re supposed to be helping me, but due to some weird glitch in the game, they’re hindering my path. Sometimes they throw rocks at me, but the rocks don’t do any physical harm. They just upset me. The goblins make me…

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    My Summer Of Travelling

    Welcome to my summer travel posts. I used to love travelling. It was my favourite thing. What people don’t necessarily think about when they’re discussing mental illness is the way travel can affect it. Anxiety can put a firm stop on your travel plans. For me, the fear manifests in lots of ways. I may simply feel afraid of what could go wrong, or of not being able to find allergy-friendly foods. It can be apprehension about how my autistic son will handle the journey and change of scenery. For those who don’t realise, autistic people often don’t travel well because it disturbs their routine and they get unsettled in…

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    Review: Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm

    Those who follow me on Twitter will know one important fact about me: I have debilitating anxiety issues and have had for most of my adult life. What’s strange about anxiety is that the symptoms often change. My brain shifts the goalposts. So, I could work really hard to get control of the panic attacks and hyperventilating, but then my brain will change focus and make me sweat. It’s exhausting and I’m always searching for new ways to cope with it. What has happened in recent years is that I’ve started sweating a lot in situations that make me fearful. So, while I still have to deal with the anxiety,…