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    Hello Autumn 2019

    I’m not a huge fan of autumn. To be honest, it’s probably my least favourite season. It’s all about things dying, whether that’s flowers, the leaves on trees or the warm summer days coming to an end. I can’t get excited about dark nights, unless there are Christmas lights involved or autumn leaves even if they turning are my favourite colours. This year is different though. Because summer was a time of hard work, uncertainty and exhaustion, autumn 2019 feels like rebirth rather than death. I’ve decided to embrace the season this year and make it a time of mindfulness. I’m beginning September by returning to being a full-time writer…

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    Cool Ways To Celebrate The Spring Equinox

    Over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly interested in nature and in particular, in the seasons. Perhaps it’s because I now have a different pace of life as a writer and don’t constantly look at a calendar the way I did when I was working in administrative jobs. When you’re in admin you type the date every time you type a letter so are constantly aware of what time of year it is. Now, I look for signs like snowdrops appearing and the changes in daylight to signal when seasons are changing. Let’s face it, you can’t rely on the temperature, can you? Especially not in Scotland. So, today’s…