The A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019 – Theme Reveal

I first participated in the A to Z Blogging Challenge back in 2014. I had seen other bloggers posting about it the previous year and it seemed like fun, but of course, by the time I had learned about the challenge, it was too late for me to participate. So, in 2014 I got really organised and had 26 posts ready to roll before April even began and I blogged about the A to Z of Lingerie.

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge
Last year, I tried to participate again but there was too much going on for me to focus. I didn’t have 26 posts ready and prepared before the challenge started and I was repeating the old theme from 2014 so I felt a bit bored and uninspired. Plus, I was really not in a happy place. Some days I am still struggling but I’m doing a lot better. I didn’t complete the challenge and the failure to do that, although self-imposed, was just another negative experience to add to the large list I accrued in 2018. This year, it’s going to be different!

So, before I go any further and reveal the theme for 2019, I should explain what the A to Z Blogging Challenge is. It’s basically a bunch of bloggers all challenging themselves to write 26 posts in the month of April, with an A to Z general theme and a more particular and personal through-line. So, I wrote the A to Z of Lingerie before and I know someone else who wrote the A to Z of coding, although I can’t find that blog any more so can’t link to it. If you are reading this and know who that was, can you please comment me a link? Thanks. It could be the A to Z of anything and I think the whole point is to write about a topic you’re passionate about or you feel authoritative about.

There are a whole list of advantages to joining this challenge, including:

  • It prompts a regular writing habit. If you’re writing 26 posts, which is pretty much one a day with Sundays off, you find it weird to stop when April is over.
  • It’s a great way to meet other bloggers because part of the challenge is commenting on other people’s blogs. You should aim for around 5 a day.
  • You might learn something while you’re commenting on other blogs or researching for you own and knowledge is power.
  • It generates more niche content for your blog. If you choose a topic like the A to Z of perfume, you can then call yourself a perfume blogger, can’t you?

a to z blogging challenge

Now, I think I should share the theme I’m using this year on Rock Paper Spirit. Despite my aforementioned generation of niche content, I’m not going to make this challenge about one thing. Not this year, anyway. Instead, I’m going to make this A to Z Challenge a bit more personal. I’m writing The A to Z of My Wish List. Things I love, things I want, things I’m going to have eventually if I work hard enough and keep my head down. It’s a very personal theme and probably not of interest to anyone else.

I know that as someone who is trying to make money from my blog, some would see it as professional suicide but think of it this way. Rock Paper Spirit doesn’t already have a niche. If anything, my niche is ME. And that’s so niche that nobody else is doing it – nobody elseĀ can do it! These posts will run alongside sponsored content and more valuable (to other people) posts, but I have a platform here where I can talk about things that interest me. I’d be daft not to use it. And next year, I can guarantee there will be a lot more niche content coming. That is something I’ll be talking about during the challenge. I’ll share what I have in the pipepline!

I actually still have another website, which is my official author site and over there I’m going to be doing something a little different and completing a very niche A to Z Challenge. To find out what it is, head over there now.

It’s not too late to sign up for the A to Z Challenge 2019. You can make your posts as short or long as you want, so don’t think you don’t have time to do 26 new posts. You can simply share a picture and a few words if that’s what you want.

What would your theme be if you were participating?

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