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Cake Shop Food Fight With G R Dix

Here on Rock Paper Spirit, we love nothing more than to welcome other authors and writer to the site. Today we’re with G R Dix, author of the Brian Brackbrick stories, which are available on Amazon. Mr. Dix describes the world of the Brian Brackbrick stories as a world of fun, silliness, hats, cakes, books …

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Five Favourite Books For Encouraging Speech In Toddlers

Here on Rock Paper Spirit, we love to welcome contributions from other writers and bloggers. Today we welcome blogger Kim Hogg for this special guest appearance, where she will be sharing which books are her favourites for encouraging speech in toddlers. My eldest son is 3 and while he is now seen to speak, it …

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The A to Z Blogging Challenge: L is for Leaving A Shoe At The Ball

Today I want to write about something a little bit different. It’s not an item that is currently on my wish list or something that I daydream about at the present time. Today L is going to stand for Leaving A Shoe At The Ball. If you’re at all familiar with western fairy tales, you’ll …

Normandy Piccolo bullied dying to fit in author interview
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Interview: Normandy Piccolo, Author of Bullied: Dying To Fit In

Here on Rock Paper Spirit, I’ve been featuring a lot of author interviews recently and today I’d like to welcome Normandy Piccolo. This interview won’t be set anywhere crazy or weird because the book we’re going to be talking about is Bullied: Dying To Fit In. I feel that an on-location interview wouldn’t be appropriate …

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Interview: Solving A Murder Mystery With J S Strange

Happy St. David’s Day readers! To celebrate this special day here on Rock Paper Spirit, I’ve invited Welsh author J S Strange to join me for an evening of fine Welsh food, great conversation about Jack’s new book and… murrrrderrrr! Yes, it’s a murder mystery themed party and somebody’s just been murdered. Can Jack Strange …