A to Z Blogging Challenge: I is for Interlagos

I try to make every post on my site contain at least 1,000 words. That’s because Google sees posts that are that length and over as highly authoritative and affects my site’s credibility. But sometimes, you just don’t have 1,000 words to say about a topic. Reviews for example are really difficult to stretch out to 1,000 word at times. Then there are other topics I’ve written about that end up with almost 2,000 words. There’s even been the rare occasion when I’ve had a post that reads like a novella. Today on the A to Z Blogging Challenge I’m writing about Interlagos, a place I thought I could write about until the cows came home. That is, until I started writing about it and realised that I don’t really have a lot to say, besides telling you the facts.

a to z blogging challenge 2019

Interlagos is a race track in Brazil, near Sao Paolo. It’s where the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix is held each year, currently around October or November and it’s usually near the end of the calendar, although when I first started watching Formula 1 it was one of the earlier races held in our Northern Hemisphere spring. It’s my favourite track and I’ve always had dreams of going there.

In another life, my best friend and I had this idea that we would design board games for a living. Somebody’s got to do it, and we had a ton of ideas so why not us? Ah, the naivety of teenagers. So, we thought that we would design a Formula 1 board game because that’s the kind that we would have liked to play. The track we used was the one at Interlagos because we liked the shape. I can’t remember any of the other details of this board game but trust me, it was awesome and Hasbro were fools to not buy into our idea and designs. Ahem…


I’m now at a point in my life where it’s impossible for me to ever go to Interlagos. To visit Brazil you need a yellow fever vaccination and I’m allergic to yellow fever vaccine, so I can’t go. They’d possibly put me straight back on the plane and send me home without letting me through customs but if I had a waiver certificate from a doctor, they might let me in. But who wants to risk getting yellow fever? I think the death rate is something like 15% which is way too high to take a risk. The only way I’d go is if I discovered I had a terminal illness and was dying anyway.

I did kind of live out my dream once though. I drove a Ferrari at Interlagos. Not really, but there was this Ferrari simulator in the Kings Avenue Mall in Cyprus. You could sit in a replica Ferrari car and drive on any track you liked. I chose Interlagos, for the sole reason that I’ll never go there even though I really want to. Safe to say, I aced that virtual race.


So, now I have said all I have to say about Interlagos and most of this was just padding. I’m at that point in the month where I’ve run out of scheduled posts (for this site at least) and I’m losing enthusiasm for the challenge, but I still want to keep going. Part of my lack of motivation has to do with my site going down last week, just as I had an assignment due, had a scary meeting to attend (which I still haven’t mentally processed yet) and a trip to pack for. It was just too much. This week has been spent trying to catch up with everything and I’m nowhere near that point yet. Still, I joined this challenge partly because I needed a distraction from all the stresses.

Tomorrow I’m writing about jaffa cakes and today over on my author site I’m writing about July in my A to Z of Nanowrimo.