Brighton Lace: English Handmade Lace Lingerie

I love trawling the Internet looking for new lingerie brands, especially small companies with an ethical approach to fashion. I was delighted to find Brighton Lace, an English brand whose products are gorgeous, elegant and handcrafted.

Brighton Lace is a three women team, founded by Lou. They handcraft the underwear and everything is made in England. Each collection is Limited Edition. When they find lace they like, they have to snap up the fabric when they find it and then start again by sourcing new lace once that’s done.

brighton lace

It’s also a sustainable brand that gives back to the individual, global and local community. They have a supportive working environment and are committed to paying a fair wage to everyone involved in the manufacturing process. They also like to nurture the relationships they have with their customers and value them highly.

brighton lace

This brand is definitely going on my Christmas wish list, especially the lace trimmed camisoles they have on offer. If you’d like to read more about Brighton Lace, you can do so on their website, on Instagram or on Facebook.