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    When Rock Bottom = Fresh Start

    If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know how hard things have been for the last four months. Actually, probably more like four years, but let’s keep this in perspective and deal with the here and now. I would consider this week to be my rock bottom point. Everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong, including being locked out of my own blog. I got access again, obviously. But this morning I woke up at 4am after a really weird dream, which I can’t even remember now. I got up, got a drink and then when I lay back down, I had a quote I heard years ago…

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    Level 38 – Goals To Reach Before My Next Birthday

    It’s almost a month since I turned thirty-eight. Having a summer birthday can be difficult, depending on your stage of life. When I was at school, and because I lived in a rural area, my birthday would always pass mostly unnoticed by my friends, who were on holidays. In the part of my life I refer to as my “freedom years” in my twenties, this wasn’t the case. There’s obviously no long summer break where people don’t see each other every day when you’re working in a nine-to-five job. Now that I am a full-time writer and work-at-home mother and my life has gone back to being on a school-type…

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    5 Things Not To Do During A Job Interview

    This year, I am determined to get a new job. I have set myself a target of finding suitable employment by Easter, which seemed realistic and do-able, until this week. I went for my first job interview in a number of years. Over the last ten years, I’ve only been for two, including the one this week but in the course of my working life there have been plenty, both good and bad. While this week’s interview was by no means a disaster, it did inspire me to share some of my horrendous interviews so you can learn from my experience, and hopefully laugh at yourself the way I can…