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    Happy Year Of The Pig

    I’m not Chinese. I’ve never been to China. Other than having a Chinese boyfriend as a teenager (and it was very brief) and having acupuncture several times throughout my life from the Chinese guy who worked in the St. Enoch Centre, I have no connections with China. But, I always celebrate Chinese New Year. You may ask why. Here’s the four reasons why I always celebrate Chinese New Year. I Got Engaged On Chinese New Year If you cast your mind back to 22nd January 2004, you probably can’t remember what you were doing on that day. But I can because I was exploring Agadir with my boyfriend. It was…

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    Cruelty Free Cosmetics: Who Can We Trust?

    Having worked in the beauty industry, I thought my knowledge on what constituted a cruelty-free brand was adequate. Then, I decided to start a blog and researched what really makes a brand cruelty free. My discoveries shocked me. Firstly, it is illegal to test a beauty product on animals in the UK. It has been for quite some time. However, ingredients purchased from outside the UK may still be tested on animals before they reach the market. Meaning I could formulate my own lip balm, buy in ingredients from Asia and then although I have never tested the finished product on animals and my chosen cosmetic chemist has never tested…