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    Creative Writing From My Coursework

    As some of you may know, I’ve been studying for a bachelor’s degree in Arts & Humanities. This year, I’m working on creative writing. As part of that I have to do a lot of writing and some of it is more fun than others. I decided to share some of the writing exercises I’ve been doing here on the blog. What follows is a piece I wrote this week which was supposed to be about a memory of mine. The task asks me to include sensory perceptions to put the reader right into the scene. Here goes… I have to apologise for the fuzzy photo below. My old Blackberry…

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    When And Where To Write For Maximum Productivity

    Admittedly, the title of this blog sounds as if I have a magic answer that will apply to everyone, but the truth is, most of my advice is based on my own personal experience. Your own experience will be very different to mine and you may disagree completely with what I am about to say. I’m going to start with when to write. When To Write – Wait For The Muse Or Go Ahead Without Them? You may be one of these writers who thinks that they can only write when they feel inspired, and if that works for you, that’s awesome. I have a cousin who dips into poetry…