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    Review: Jawsome Sharks at Sea Life Loch Lomond

    Last week was our half-term break here in East Ayrshire. I was faced with the problem that all parents encounter during school holidays. What was I going to do to entertain my very bored seven-year-old son? Well, for the first half of the holidays he was ill so it wasn’t an issue but by the end of the week cabin fever was setting in for both of us. Hasbro had invited me to visit the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond Shores because they’re running an event called Jawsome Sharks. It came at just the right time! I received a complimentary visit for me and my family to enable me…

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    Rum: My Jack Russell Valentine

    This week, since it was Valentine’s Day, I’ve been thinking about who I love most in the world. I mean, really love. Readers of my books will know that I always thank three names in every book: Alex, Luke and Rum. So, I think Rum deserves to have a blog post written about him! Rum is my dog. He’s a Jack Russell Terrier who thinks he is a kangaroo – yes, that’s who inspired Ripper in Leger’s Valentine. He’s a real character, unlike any other dog I’ve ever met. He loves watching Emmerdale, eating carrots and bananas and climbing on top of people. He gets away with it because he’s…

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    January 2019 In A Nutshell

    I want to do a monthly wrap-up post at the end of each month where I share what I’ve been reading, listening to and photographing. Because affiliate links are basically how I make a large chunk of my income. If you click one of the images below and then go on to buy that item within 24 hours, or if you go straight from there to something else on Amazon, I receive commission. I got the idea from the Girl Who Reads blog and since I’m crediting her, I hope she doesn’t mind me pinching her idea! What I’ve Been Reading Sex Drugs & Opera by Roland Orzabal is a…

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    Coming Face to Face With A Goblin

    I came face to face with my goblin the other day. Well, one of them. She wasn’t looking her best. The powerful, woman who usually has her shit together was dishevelled and struggling. What bothers me is that she has so much power and influence over my life and others. The decisions she makes can be live changing, life saving or life ending. She has the future of thousands in her hands on a daily basis and yet there she stood, her ponytail falling out, bits of hair pointing in various directions, wearing a jacket that smelled like baby sick and struggling to get a baby’s pram through a door.…

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    Guest Posts: UK Attractions That Are Fun For The Whole Family

    There are an endless number of family attractions in the UK, and some of them are not to be missed. From museums to theme parks they are scattered all over the country, so wherever you live there is bound to be something near you. There are others that people travel long distances for, trips to places like London being popular with families of all ages. Of course, it depends on the age of your children as to which ones would be the best right now, but as they grow they will have more interest in different ones, so as parents you can get to see many UK attractions. The Natural…