Review: SpyX Micro Gear Set With Giveaway

It’s fast approaching the Christmas season so lots of my readers are probably already working through their Christmas shopping list. I know that I started back in October and I’m glad I did because the last few weeks have been chaotic. If you’re shopping for a child who loves all things spy related then this could be a review you’ll be interested in. What’s more, there’s also a giveaway so that one lucky reader can win a SpyX Micro Gear Set. Read on to find out what’s in the set and what to do to win this prize.spyx micro gear set

So, firstly I should say that I was gifted a set so I could write this review. I received no money for this post and as always, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the fact the item was gifted. Now, the SpyX Micro Gear Set is suitable for ages 6+. To be honest, I would say it’s for the age range of 6-10 years. Any older than that and they’ll be looking for something a little more sophisticated.

spyx micro gear set

In the set are four SpyX tools and a belt that can be used to strap the tools to your waist. You’ll get a Micro Spy Light, an Invisible Ink Pen, a Micro motion alarm and a Micro listener. These are crime fighting gadgets that will really fire up kids’ imaginations and make them feel like real hero agents.

spyx micro gear set

For me, the item my son responded best to was the Invisible Ink Pen. When I was little you needed two pens to make invisible ink work – one with the invisible ink and the other you’d use to colour over the secret message to reveal it. Which actually wasted it because it was then visible and you could no longer use it. This invisible ink pen works by shining a blue coloured light over the hidden message and revealing what’s written. As soon as you switch the light off, the message is invisible again. So, that’s one item that we were definitely pleased with.

spyx micro gear set invisible ink pen

The Micro Motion alarm requires 2 x AAA batteries to get started and you’ll also need to open it with a screwdriver. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. It’s great that kids can’t easily get in and change the batteries themselves, especially if they are quite young but it is fiddly. The Micro motion alarm can detect either motion or vibration and we found it to be quite sensitive. However, it’s a loud alarm. Very loud! So long as kids are fine with loud noises, this won’t be a problem.

spyx micro gear set micro motion alarm

The Micro listener has a single ear piece and a small, round receiver. We’re still getting to grips with this item. The idea is that you can listen in on conversations from a distance. It doesn’t work perfectly but it’s still fun to play around with it and there are times when yes, you can hear things in the ear piece from a distance.

The Micro spy light is something that I’m sure my little one will not tire of playing with for months. The light is orange, which is great for seeing in the dark and hopefully won’t hurt anyone’s eyes.

Overall, I think this is a good gift set and would suit kids who have a fertile imagination and love the idea of being a spy. It’s relatively cheap at an RRP of £19.99 although some retailers might be slightly more expensive and is available from Amazon and Argos. If you’d like to get more information, you can visit the Trends UK website.

Which item in the set do you find the most intriguing?

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning a SpyX Micro Gear Set, simply comment below with the name of your favourite fictional spy. Rules for the comp are below.

  1. There is one prize available only
  2. Open only to UK residents
  3. Winner will be notified by either Twitter, Instagram or Email
  4. Closing date is midday on 24th November 2019
  5.  Winner must respond before 30th November 2019 or another winner will be chosen
  6. Winner’s contact details will be passed to the distributor who will send the prize out and then discard their details.

Writing Gloves from Literary Book Gifts Review

If you have a writer in your family, there’s a good chance that when it’s Christmas or their birthday, you get them a book as a gift. That’s not a bad thing, because you know they’ll love it and treasure that gift, but what if there was something else you could get them, that showed you understand them? Well, I’ve been given the opportunity to review a pair of writing gloves and my first thought when I heard about their existence is, “How many times have I wished that these exist?” Honestly, I have. It’s true. I received a free pair to enable me to write this review, but all opinions are my own.

writing gloves literary book gifts writer presents

Firstly, I want to say that these writing gloves wouldn’t just suit writers. They’re also going to come in useful for readers, smartphone users or anyone who uses their fingers when outdoors or working in a cold environment. But let’s not stop there, because we all know it’s a good idea to protect your skin from the sun and gloves are a great way to do that. Perhaps I wouldn’t wear these particular gloves in summer though because they are cashmere and that luxurious material is way too cosy to wear in the heat. They’re also good to wear – just because!

writing gloves literary book gifts writer presents

That brings me to talking about the quality of these gloves. It’s excellent. I’ve never owned a pair of cashmere gloves before but always wanted to and I’m not disappointed. It feels soft next to my skin and doesn’t irritate at all, like some cheaper materials can. The shape of the gloves is interesting. Unlike fingerless gloves, that separate the fingers into individual finger-holes, these gloves are more like a mitten shape. This gives you freedom to hold a pen without chaffing between your fingers. There’s also a small hole for your thumb.

They come in a variety of colours including:

  • White
  • Black
  • Heather Grey
  • Charcoal
  • Heather Navy Blue
  • Violet
  • Heather Purple
  • Dark Green
  • Light Heather Grey
  • Electric Blue
  • Wine Red
  • Heather Coffee Brown
  • Blush Pink

I chose the black gloves, because black goes with everything, but I was also really keen on the heather purple ones because I’m re-branding with grey and lilac as my theme colours. They’d look great on Instagram for all my writing selfies. The great thing about these is that they come in so many colours to suit all tastes. They don’t come in different sizes but my own hands are petite and they fit well. There’s quiet a lot of give in the material so I would say they would easily fit larger hands too.

literary book gifts writer presents

These writing gloves cost $52 from Literary Book Gifts. They have a charge of $5 for shipping in the USA or $10 for shipping internationally. They arrived at my home in Scotland around three weeks after ordering. Literary Book Gifts also offer other products like t-shirts and tote bags, but I think the writing gloves were my favourite thing on the site.

writing gloves literary book gifts writer presents

Overall, I’d give these two very enthusiastic thumbs up and would definitely recommend them. And if any of my family are reading this and want to buy me a purple pair, that’d be super. I like them because of how functional they will be come next winter but also because they just felt cool. There’s something very classy about a pair of cashmere gloves and I really liked them. You can read more about Literary Book Gifts and their product range on their website.

Review: Prestige Flowers

I was having a really challenging day last Wednesday. I mean, it was the stuff of nightmares and then the postman knocked on the door. I cursed under my breath. What could he have been delivering that couldn’t fit through the letterbox? When I opened the door, I saw him standing there in the rain with a large box marked, “Prestige Flowers.” He gave me a huge smile, as if he was giving the flowers to me himself and said, “Somebody’s thinking about you.” Of course, nobody was thinking about me really. I’m a blogger and these were a sample for me to try so that I had first-hand knowledge of the product and could write the review honestly, but still, having flowers in the house provided instant cheer and it even affected the postman in a positive way. I’ll bet it made a change from delivering bills.

So, here is my honest opinion of my experience with Prestige Flowers. I did receive this sample for free but as always, all opinions are my own because nobody tells me what to write.

My first impression was that the flowers were really well-packaged. They came in a black paper and cellophane wrapper inside a pretty standard looking cardboard box. Inside the main box were the flowers and a smaller box with a clear glass vase to use with them.

If there’s one thing that’s important to me, it’s how easy or difficult it is to open the packaging and unwrap the flowers. In this case it was very easy, although scissors were required to remove the flowers from their cellophane and paper. For those wondering, the stems are held in a polystyrene type of pouch which holds moisture. It feels dry on the outside but moist on the inside and it keeps the flowers fresh while they are in transit.

Below, you’ll see a picture of the flowers when they first arrived. As you can see, most of the flowers were in bloom and the lilies hadn’t opened fully. They were fragrant and fresh with no visible dryness or spoilage. I was delighted with them and took to Instagram and my personal Facebook page to proudly show them off.

You also get a pouch of flower food with your flowers, which could probably be added right away or kept for a day or two down the line. I chose not to use the flower food and keep it for when they needed a bit of perking up, which wasn’t until day four. Below, you’ll see them as they are today, five days after I received them. The lilies have bloomed now and the purple flowers in the bouquet have started to wilt a little bit. For five days down the line, this is pretty good and I would expect any bouquet to need trimmed back at this point. It’s possible the little purple flowers would have remained fresh if I had given them the flower food right away. It’s probably six days since they left the Prestige Flowers HQ to be delivered to me. They still smell gorgeous and most of the bouquet looks beautiful.

This is a company I will be using for future floral gifts. I’ve used a long-established competitor before and I’ve always been disappointed. Firstly, the competitor uses a specific florist in my area whose driver has poor geographical knowledge. Prestige Flowers have the edge here because they’re being delivered by your postman. Secondly, Prestige Flowers have a lot of offers on their website for a free box of chocolates along with your flowers. That’s a huge number of bonus points to me. Third and finally, these flowers actually smell amazing and have done since they arrived. I’m not sure why but any time I’ve received flowers in recent years, whether from a florist or from a less specialised retailer (read supermarket or petrol station into that if you like), they haven’t smelled of anything. They just have no perfume at all.

The drawback with these is that if you’re not at home, your postman might deliver them to the post office and then you’ll have to go out and get them. I’m not sure what florists do in that instance – I think they come back and try again – but that is a minor drawback when you weigh it up against all the plus points.

Just to finish off, here are a few other things that caught my attention when I was looking at the Prestige Flowers website. Firstly, all orders are backed by a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. They offer flowers for all occasions and have an autumn seasonal bouquet which I liked. They’re very reasonably priced and right now there’s 50% off a lot of bouquets so you can get a bunch of gorgeous flowers, with next day delivery and free chocolates for £19.99. They can provide personalised wreaths for funerals and cater for almost any occasion. There’s a hampers and gifts section on their website too for those who don’t like flowers or have allergic reactions. They do alcohol, silk flowers, fruits, bath bombs, soft toys and there’s a Galaxy chocolate bouquet that caught my eye. I’m just putting that out there in case my husband reads this. They are also going to have loads of Christmas bouquets on offer. These would make a really great gift for relatives you can’t see over the festive season and I’m considering buying one for my elderly neighbour who is really difficult to buy for. I think she would love a Christmas bouquet. You can check out their selection here:

You can check out the products they offer on their official website. To sum up, I would give them a strong 9.5 / 10 and will definitely bookmark their site for future use.