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    A to Z Blogging Challenge: M is for Marble

    Onto the third week of the challenge now and I’m getting to the stage where I can see the end in sight. I think today is the halfway point. So, M is for Marble and initially I was going to write about a brand called Marble (I really admire their products and would love to buy them) but the problem with that idea was that it might be too much like advertising and you’re not allowed to do anything commercial on the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Ok, I wouldn’t have been getting paid for it and wouldn’t have anything to gain from it, but it’s still slightly suspicious. So,…

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    Review: Rainbow Chalk Sealant Pen and Grout Pen

    Sometimes I’m asked to review items and I have to turn the chance down because it’s an item that I wouldn’t otherwise have used or needed. Then there are items like these that I was literally desperate to try because the items were on my shopping list anyway. Today I’m reviewing the Rainbow Chalk sealant pen and grout pen. I’ve received a gifted free sample for the purposes of review but the opinions are my own. First let’s tackle the sealant pen. The first thing I did was try it on my bathroom seals but I just replaced the seal on my bath so it doesn’t tell you much about…

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    A to Z Blogging Challenge: H is for Home

    Today for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I was going to write about H for Health and that’s what was mentioned yesterday on my Gibraltar post. That’s not the vibe I am feeling today though. Although good health is vitally important for all my family and I wouldn’t have my best possible life without them all having excellent health, I can’t stick it on the wish list today. Partly because I feel like if we had our best life possible, then excellent health would follow. It’s a chicken and egg scenario. So, instead today is going to represent H for Home. I want a new one. I am almost…

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    Review: The Night Sky Star Charts – A Unique Gift

    I always like to look for special gift for my wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of when I met my husband. Last year, we named a star together. It’s one of the ones in Orion’s belt and it’s called Shalex. I know it’s not official and these star naming sites are just a bit of fun, but it felt special. One year I used my writing and publishing abilities to create a one-off book for my husband about our own love story. There’s only ever going to be one copy available. Last year, we bought a special star chart from The Night Sky. Here’s what I thought. Firstly, The Night…

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    Guest Post: Creating The Perfect Kid’s Room

    Ask your child how they want their bedroom decorated and they will probably want it done themed on their favourite film or TV programme. The problem with this is that a couple of years down the line, this will feel babyish to them and you will have to start all over again. That’s fine, if you love decorating and don’t mind the cost of re-doing it every couple of years. However, if you want to avoid this situation, you need to be a bit savvy about how you do the décor in your kid’s room. Neutral Walls Neutral coloured walls are a blank canvas for decorations and ever-changing tastes and…