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    My First Book Signing!

    I think everybody who writes a novel hopes that one day they will become successful enough to hold a book signing.  Not everybody gets to that point and most authors who don’t have a publisher behind them won’t.  I am not most authors though and I was determined that I wasn’t going to take a break from writing until I had realised that dream.  I won’t go into the ins and outs of how I got the gig.  It’s not important but I woke up one morning and decided I was going to arrange my first book signing and wasn’t going to bed that night until I had done it.…

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    The Tangled Web – The Movie

    I pinched the idea for this blog from the wonderful Michelle Betham.  Thanks to her for posting the blog which talked about your dream cast for the movie of one of your novels.  It inspired me to do the same! I have to admit, while I was writing The Tangled Web, I used to visualise the characters as actors in a movie of the story I was writing.  I think lots of writers do the same.  So, imagine some big Hollywood producer with an insane budget and plenty of contacts in the business came to my doorstep and offered to make The Tangled Web – The Movie.  Obviously I’d accept…