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    A to Z Blogging Challenge: O is for Olbia

    Another day, another travel blog post. If this A to Z Blogging Challenge has taught me anything about myself, it’s that travelling is more important to me than I thought it was. In my 20s, I knew it was a huge part of who I was and what I dreamed about but then I grew up and life got in the way. For the last five years I wondered if I had lost the travel bug completely but after doing this challenge, it’s pretty obvious that it’s still there. Today O is for Olbia and for those who have never been or don’t know, Olbia is a town on the…

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    Stromboli: That One Time I Saw A Volcano Erupting

    I have to admit, seeing a volcano erupt before my eyes was never on my bucket list, but it happened. It was only afterwards that I realised how awesome it was. Stromboli was not the actual destination, and the Aeolian Islands weren’t even part of the plan. I would definitely recommend a short visit though. I’m not sure what I imagined a volcano to look like but it was probably close to the images of volcanoes I had seen in dinosaur cartoons, where the mountain is a perfect cone shape. There would be tangerine streams of lava trickling down the sides and angry puffs of ash spurting from the crater.…

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    Why Florence Broke My Heart

    Ah, Florence! Or Firenze, depending on whether you’re an English speaker or Italian speaker. The enchanting city in Italy where many a romantic has envisioned themselves, hand in hand with their lover. It’s also a city that broke my heart back in the early noughties, for many reasons. While most associate Florence with art, history and the Renaissance, I don’t. So, instead of a standard travel post I thought I would write about all the ways I was disillusioned and Florence broke my heart. Also, apologies for the poor quality image below. It was taken back in the days when digital cameras were not common and you couldn’t re-snap the…