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    What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love With Your Book

    Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links and make a purchase, I will receive a small amount of commission. I wanted to write a blog about my latest book release, Waiting For Magic, however I have one major problem. Everything about the book annoys me. I don’t think I’m alone, as a writer, in saying that I sometimes fall out of love with my books, my characters and the world I created. In fact, it’s probably quite common. A large number of novels that are started are never completed. You start off with tons of enthusiasm and your imagination in overdrive. If you’re anything like…

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    Leger's Journey by Lacey Dearie

    Tueday 25th July 2017 was launch day for the latest in my feline detective series, The Leger Cat Sleuth Mysteries. This is book number 25 in the series (yes, I’m exhausted) and it’s the first addition to the collection since November last year. I’ve now come to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as “writer’s block.” It’s just an excuse for not getting my work done. So, I’ve gotten over the distractions and dedicated a little bit of time each day to writing. I ditched everything I had already worked on, since it wasn’t progressing and focused on a new direction. This story sees Leger, Ginger and Amber set…

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    Cult Honey-trapper Novel The Tangled Web by Lacey Dearie

    Back in January 2012 this book hit the top of Amazon’s indie dominated free book chart. Now, almost six years after it was released, The Tangled Web by RockPaperSpirit writer Lacey Dearie is back on sale. This book is a light-hearted and fast paced chick-lit novel with enough twists to keep you turning the pages as you read all about the murky world of online honey-trappers. It starts with an undertaker named Vicky and an unemployed plumber she meets drinking champagne on a bench named Flic and from their chance meeting a business and friendship is formed that changes their lives forever. Soon the two women are raking in the…

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    Leger's Gift by Lacey Dearie

    It’s release day for my latest book. I had originally wanted this one to be ready in time for Christmas but as I was writing the story it became clear that it was going to be more like a Hogmanay story than a Christmas one, partly because it wasn’t ready when I wanted it to be and partly because it was written in that awkward week between Christmas and Hogmanay when everyone’s confused and nobody knows what day it is. Here’s the blurb: The festive season should be a time for generosity and goodwill, but in Glasgow, Leger finds that is not the case. His human companion’s attempt to raise…

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    Introducing Leger – Cat Sleuth

    Surprise!  I launched a book and didn’t tell anyone.  My reason for doing this?  My last two launches were soured and I was advised by my husband and a few others to just take this particular launch day to celebrate privately.  And that is what I did. Let me introduce to you the protagonist in my new story, Leger.  Leger is a black tomcat who lives in Glasgow with elderly couple Annabella and Hugh and his Labrador room-mate, Bob.  The first book in the series is the story of how Leger came to be a detective and his first investigation. It’s already a success in that Alex loves it, and…