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    The Tangled Web – The Movie

    I pinched the idea for this blog from the wonderful Michelle Betham.  Thanks to her for posting the blog which talked about your dream cast for the movie of one of your novels.  It inspired me to do the same! I have to admit, while I was writing The Tangled Web, I used to visualise the characters as actors in a movie of the story I was writing.  I think lots of writers do the same.  So, imagine some big Hollywood producer with an insane budget and plenty of contacts in the business came to my doorstep and offered to make The Tangled Web – The Movie.  Obviously I’d accept…

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    Letting Off Steam

    Last night was date night.  It’s the first date night we’ve had for a while when we actually went somewhere and did something.  Recently, we’ve been using our alone time to have dinner in our conservatory (sarcastically nicknamed, The East Wing when we moved into this tiny house) or to sleep. And when I say sleep, I actually mean sleep. It’s not code for nookie. The plan was to go ice-skating in George Square and get all festive.  Y’know, mince pies, hot drinks, falling on our arses and walking around for the rest of the night with a frosty backside.  Then it rained. So I suggested we go to the cinema…