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    The Men’s Fragrance Responsible For My Son’s Existence

    This is not a sponsored post. This is a true story based on my own experience. When I began blogging back in 2005 I had one aim.  That aim was not to sell books, write reviews or get freebies.  It was to relate funny or interesting stories about things that had happened to me personally.  Whatever else a blog is, it should begin by being personal.  Somewhere along the way I seem to have forgotten that which is why I am going to start using this beauty blog to write stories about how certain products have affected me and my life.  I want to begin this new phase of my…

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    Review: Secret Scent Box

    With so many subscription boxes on the market, those who have a keen interest in trying new products but are short on time to go and browse the beauty counters are spoilt for choice. That’s not to mention the fact that trying a new product is often expensive and if you have a reaction to it or simply don’t like it, it’s money down the drain. That’s why I love subscription boxes. I’ve discovered new products that I would never have otherwise found. It’s good for brands and good for consumers. I was lucky enough to be given a sample of Secret Scent Box, a perfume subscription service that sends…

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    Review: Amalfi Coast by La Parfumerie Anglaise

    Disclaimer: I received a gifted product in exchange for an honest review. I received no money for this post. In case anyone didn’t know, one of my passions is perfume. For a while, my life was all about fragrance and I didn’t just study it, I made it, I sold it and I helped others design their own unique scents. So, I am always delighted when I discover a new perfume house. Recently I was given the chance to sample a scent called Amalfi Coast by La Parfumerie Anglais. I received one small bottle in exchange for an honest review. La Parfumerie Anglaise is a company formed by a group…

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    The Perfume Blogger

    The first item I opted to tackle on my 40 Before 40 List was number 30, “Start a Niche Blog” and so on 24th May 2017, I launched my very niche site, The Perfume Blogger. Something many people don’t realise about me is that I used to run a kitchen-table perfumery. I called it Fairytale Fragrances. My creations were based on the different scents associated with my favourite folk tales. For example, Cinderella’s fragrance was Glass Slipper and had notes of pumpkin, champagne and a shake of magic wand (that’s an aldehyde called Iso E Super, for those not involved in perfumery). It wasn’t fancy. It was just me messing…