Review: Rainbow Chalk Sealant Pen and Grout Pen

Sometimes I’m asked to review items and I have to turn the chance down because it’s an item that I wouldn’t otherwise have used or needed. Then there are items like these that I was literally desperate to try because the items were on my shopping list anyway. Today I’m reviewing the Rainbow Chalk sealant pen and grout pen. I’ve received a gifted free sample for the purposes of review but the opinions are my own.

First let’s tackle the sealant pen. The first thing I did was try it on my bathroom seals but I just replaced the seal on my bath so it doesn’t tell you much about the effectiveness, so I used it on my conservatory instead. It’s recommended for the kitchen or bathroom, but I think it could be used anywhere that you have white silicone sealant. The pictures shown are taken by me or my husband and are from my home. It’s difficult for me to show these pictures because nobody wants gross photos of the less than perfect parts of their home on the internet, but let’s be honest, very few of us live in sparkling mansions and we all have to clean and repair parts of our homes.  I wish I had a house like Mrs Hinch, but I don’t. There’s no point being embarrassed about it, you just clean it, fix it and get it dealt with. That’s where these sealant and grout pens come in.

rainbow chalk sealant pen review

Ok, so the idea behind this is that it’s meant for tackling discoloured sealant that isn’t so bad that it needs to be replaced. I was glad to see the anti-mould properties mentioned on the box because that’s a major concern for me. In my conservatory we don’t have heating, so we rely on opening windows and keeping the place ventilated. That’s not always something we remember to do, especially in winter when we hardly use the room. As previously mentioned this is designed for kitchens and bathrooms, two rooms where moisture and dampness can be issues. I’d recommend giving the sealant a good clean first before you do this, so you’re not just covering up any mould. This also claims to have a formula that prevents mould returning. I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks so again, I can’t confirm that is true. Time will tell!

This gives up to 30m of coverage but I don’t have 30m of sealant in my home to be able to test that claim, but I can confirm that I probably covered about 10m and didn’t find that it ran out.

rainbow chalk sealant pen

The sealant pen does come in the shape of a regular pen but you have to press down on the nib to get it to work. It won’t just flow like a biro. You also have to shake the pen to get the ink inside to blend. The instructions said that it’s best to depress the nib on a flat surface first to start the ink flow. I found that I had to keep doing this. If I pressed too hard on the sealant while using I found it dragged a bit.

rainbow chalk sealant pen review

My sealant wasn’t too heavily stained to begin with and one coat greatly improved the appearance and made it look cleaner and whiter. I added another coat the following day and it looked even better, but the biggest difference was with the first coat. The second coat was more for my own perfectionism. The ink isn’t as thick as I had thought it might be though, so I would say that if you have a heavily stained or darkened seal, you’ll need to use it three or four times to get it looking good. The image below is top half after one coat and the bottom half not done at all so you can see the difference. I think it could do with another application. There’s still some discolouration around the edges.

rainbow chalk sealant pen review

You can use the sealant pen again within an hour and you have to wait twelve hours before getting it wet, but to be on the safe side I’d recommend waiting until the following day. As I said, the ink isn’t as thick as I had thought it might be and to give it a chance to get properly dried, I’d wait. Also worth mentioning, the 30m coverage would have to be taken into account when buying the pens. If you’re covering the seal on two bathrooms, and they’re 10m worth of seal on each, you’ll have to allow for two coats, minimum. So buy enough pens for all the coats before you start the job.

The next pen was the grout pen and this really impressed me. I’ve got a mostly tiled bathroom and every spring we have to re-do the grout with a grout pen. It’s become part of the routine of this house now. The grout always gets discoloured, no matter how clean we keep it and we don’t even realise until we get the grout pen out and give it a coat of white just how dull it’s gotten.

rainbow chalk grout pen review

This one gives 60m of coverage, which is good because I have loads of tiles. But the great thing about this was it only needed one application to come up looking really good. It dries after about five minutes and it’s recommended you wait six hours before getting it wet. I would agree with those times, given my own experience with this grout pen. This also has an anti-mould formulation which is really important for me, especially in the bathroom.

rainbow chalk grout pen review

Similar to the sealant pen, you have to depress this a few times on a flat surface to get the ink to start flowing. However, it has a different surface to work on, so you can depress this slightly harder and get a better flow going than you can with the sealant pen, because it’s being applied to a hard surface. Do you know what I mean? I was a bit worried I was going to puncture the sealant if I pressed too hard (and did a little bit at the start) but with grout, you don’t have that worry.

rainbow chalk grout pen review

Above is my before pic. My bathroom tiles are cleaned and scrubbed regularly and we still get this discolouration – because it’s a bathroom that gets used by a house full of people every single day. This was before I gave it a bit of a scrub with some anti-mould spray and applied the grout pen. Below are the final results, after just one application. I’m really impressed and would definitely buy the grout pen again and keep it handy for touch-ups.

rainbow chalk grout pen review

My verdict is that I would definitely buy both products again because they made a difference to how my home looks and you can’t put a price on seeing your house look cleaner and tidier, but I really fell in love with the grout pen because the results were instant and drastic. If you’d like to check out these products, you can check out the Rainbow Chalk website and the grout pen and sealant pen pages in particular. There are different nib sizes to choose from and there’s also replacement nibs available for the grout pens. The grout pen I received was £3.50 and the sealant pen was £3.99.


Review: Jawsome Sharks at Sea Life Loch Lomond

Last week was our half-term break here in East Ayrshire. I was faced with the problem that all parents encounter during school holidays. What was I going to do to entertain my very bored seven-year-old son? Well, for the first half of the holidays he was ill so it wasn’t an issue but by the end of the week cabin fever was setting in for both of us. Hasbro had invited me to visit the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond Shores because they’re running an event called Jawsome Sharks. It came at just the right time! I received a complimentary visit for me and my family to enable me to write this blog but it did not affect my opinion.

hasbro play-doh jawsome sharks sea life centre

We’re regular visitors to the Sea Life Centre and to Loch Lomond Shores because it’s only half an hour away from Glasgow and forty-five minutes away from where we live in Ayrshire. We made a couple of trips to the loch last summer during the holidays but only one trip to the Sea Life Centre, which I didn’t write about but I did share on Instagram. It’s one of those attractions that offers a free ticket for a carer if a disabled person visits, which always earns a gold star in my book. I’ve listed the prices close to the bottom of this post so you can budget for any visits. For this post, I’m going to focus on the Jawsome Sharks event. I’ll write about the Sea Life Centre more generally in another post.

hasbro play-doh jawsome sharks sea life centre

Kids Become Jawsome Rangers

When we entered the Sea Life Centre, we were given a worksheet for Luke so he could become a, “Jawsome Ranger.” The guy from the Jawsome Sharks ads is Professor Finn (ah, see what they did there?!) and you have to help him find the Play-Doh shark teeth placed in the tanks throughout the aquarium. There are five Play-Doh shark teeth to find. You have to identify which species of shark they belong to and write it on your worksheet. We were also given a large Q & A scratchcard. It features questions about sharks that you have to answer correctly.

hasbro play-doh jawsome sharks sea life centre

The shark tooth game was really fun and engaging and I saw kids from toddler stage up to double figure ages participating. I also saw lots of parents debating which tooth was which while the kids were sailing through the identification. We’re overthinking this, aren’t we?

It’s hard to get a clear picture of the sharks in the aquarium because they swim so fast, plus you’re not allowed to use flash photography. There are plenty of sharks to see and there’s even a tunnel through the middle of their tank so you can feel like you’re in there with them. They swim along with rays and standing underneath them, watching them swim above us was a surreal experience that everyone in our family enjoyed.

sea life loch lomond jawsome sharks hasbro

The Activity Zone

On the third floor, next to the cafe, there’s a room called the Activity Zone where kids can really let loose and get their fingers into some Play-Doh. There are a couple of little tables with stools for the kids to sit at while they craft sea creatures out of Play-Doh and there’s a variety of colours there for them to work with.

hasbro play-doh jawsome sharks sea life centre

Provided are step-by-step guides offering instructions on how to make a shark, octopus or other sea creature out of Play-Doh.

hasbro play-doh jawsome sharks sea life centre

A staff member is on hand to guide the kids through moulding their creations and offer information on how they can snap a picture of the finished product and enter a Facebook competition for free passes to the Sea Life Centre. We have entered although given that I received a complimentary visit already for this blog, I don’t think we would be eligible to win. You just post your picture with the hashtag #JawsomeSharks to enter.

hasbro play-doh jawsome sharks sea life centre

Not that it’s a huge deal, but I’m pleased to say all the Play-Doh was in the right tubs with colour-corresponding lids, none of it had been mixed and it was fresh, not dried out. I’m just a bit of a control freak when it comes to keeping it fresh. Please tell me I’m not alone in that? Ok, I might be taking my organisational skills to extremes there.

hasbro play-doh jawsome sharks sea life centre

The staff were super friendly and while I was helping Luke with his Play-Doh creation I had a chat with the guy who was on duty in the Activity Zone that day. He told me it’s been really busy during the half-term holidays and I could see it was getting busier while we were there. The room only has two little tables, which means two families at a time could participate. During busy times, like weekends or school holidays (because this promotion runs up until 6th May which is the bank holiday weekend), I would recommend getting there early, especially if your kids are younger or if they have additional support needs like autism. They might need extra time and a less busy environment to get the benefit out of the experience.

jawsome sharks play-doh octoppus

If the Activity Zone does get a little busy and you have to queue for a table to play with the Play-Doh, there’s a snakes and ladders style floor game that they can play. Luke loved it! There was also a Jawsome Sharks promotional cardboard shark head that you can pose with. That kept the wee man amused for ages. If you stick your head in, it looks like your head is coming out of the shark’s mouth. And yes, being a seven-year-old boy, Luke found that hilarious!

hasbro play-doh jawsome sharks sea life centre

We didn’t get to meet Professor Finn. I don’t know if there is a character called Professor Finn at the Loch Lomond Shores branch of Sea Life Centre for the purpose of this event or if that’s just a random dude dressed up in the promotional pictures. It might have been cool to have someone there dressed as a scientist. I noticed that the Sea Life websites for other branches do state that Professor Finn is at the end of the trail to provide more information about sharks but Loch Lomond’s page on the website didn’t have that. That’s probably the one area where the event could be improved.

hasbro play-doh jawsome sharks sea life centre

If your Jawsome Ranger completes the shark tooth hunt they win a prize at the end, which is of course Play-Doh! There’s plenty of shark and sea life themed Play-Doh to buy in the gift shop.

jawsome sharks play-doh sea life loch lomond

Overall, I think Jawsome Sharks is a really cool and interactive way of getting kids to learn about sharks. The interaction was especially important for us because of Luke’s autism. He needs to get stuck in and become part of any educational activities as listening alone won’t cut it. There were plenty of ways he could do that at this event. There were also lots of different approaches to learning, like the shark tooth hunting game, the scratch card questionnaire and the Play-Doh in the Activity Zone.

play-doh jawsome sharks

Dates and Prices

The Jawsome Sharks event is happening at the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond Shores from 9th February 2019 until 6th May 2019. It’s also going to be happening at the following venues  on the dates shown.

Loch Lomond – 09.02.19 until 06.05.19

Manchester – 08.02.19 until 06.05.19

Birmingham – 09.02.19 until 10.03.19

Bray – 16.02.19 until 06.05.19

London – 16.02.19 until 24.02.19

Weymouth – 16.02.19 until 06.05.19

Blackpool – 16.02.19 until 06.05.19

Brighton – 23.03.19 until 06.05.19

Great Yarmouth -23.03.19 until 06.05.19

Scarborough – 23.03.19 until 06.05.19

Hunstanton – 23.03.19 until 06.05.19

You can save 30% by booking your tickets online. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 during their visit. Carers are entitled to one free admission for each disabled visitor, who must bring proof of disability such as a letter confirming their benefit entitlement.

Children under 3 – Free

Children aged 3-14 years – £9.95 for general admission, £6.97 online price

Adults (15 years and older) – £13.95 for general admission, £9.77 online price

Enter The Giveaway

I’ve been given a complimentary family ticket (valid for 2 adults and 2 children per ticket) to give away. It will need to be redeemed before the end of the promotion on 6th May 2019. To enter the giveaway, just comment SHARK in the comment box below, or follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and reply to the giveaway tweet, Facebook post or Instagram post with the word SHARK. The giveaway will end on 28th February 2019 and a winner will be chosen at random and announced on 1st March 2019 on Rock Paper Spirit and my social channels.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary visit to the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond Shores for myself and my family from Hasbro to enable me to write this review. This did not affect my opinion of the Hasbro and Play-Doh event or the Sea Life Centre and all views are based on the experience I had on 17th February 2019.

Charles Worthington Smooth and Control Finishing Serum Review

Hair serum. It’s one of those phrases that doesn’t automatically roll off my tongue and I have, on more than one occasion, accidentally called it hair semen. Thanks to the movie, There’s Something About Mary, this conjures up all sorts of mental images and people tend to laugh rather than think I’m weird. I thought I’d do a hair serum review today since I haven’t actually done that before. Like a lot of women, I have a love-hate relationship with my hair and one of the many issues I have with it is that my hair has a fine but frizzy texture. Serums generally weigh my hair down and make me look like I have dipped my head in oil, so I have to be really careful with which ones I buy. I also have to keep a close eye on the ingredients thanks to my paranoia about nut oils. This is not a paid-for review. It’s based on my own experience with a product that I love, Charles Worthington Smooth & Control Finishing Serum.

charles worthington serum review

Sadly, I don’t have a funny story to go with this product the way that I did with the Ben Sherman cologne I reviewed the other day, but it’s just as awesome. I use a tiny pea-sized amount on my hair, which is currently shoulder-length and very fine, especially at the front and sides. This small amount does the job. I use it just after washing, when it’s still soaking wet and then again after styling to finish off. Using it twice doesn’t make it feel greasy or weigh my hair down.

So, what I like about this product is that there isn’t a list of ingredients the length of your arm. I hate when products have too much going on. I also like that there’s coconut oil in it. I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, because as we all should know, it’s not a nut, it’s a fruit. It moisturises but according to one of my hair dressers, it can also have a slightly drying effect. That would explain why this particular serum keeps my hair in check and makes sure it behaves but it also has the added benefit of not making it greasy. In fact, I would say that when I use this, I wash my hair slightly less. That could also be attributed to the fact that I’ve styled my hair so it is holding shape better, but I found this really unusual and unexpected.

What I don’t like about this product is having to wash my hands after I’ve used it. It’s not sticky but it does leave a weird feeling on your skin that a quick rub down with a towel doesn’t fix. Also, there’s no organic products in it, which is a bummer, but it isn’t tested on animals and it is paraben free, so that’s something.

Overall, this product gets 10 out of 10 from me. I love the product, I love the slightly coconutty scent, I love the packaging and I love that it is cruelty free and paraben free. If only it contained organic fair-trade coconut oil, it would be perfect. It can be purchased online from Amazon but it seems slightly more expensive there than it is on the high street, where it’s £6.99. You can also read more about it on the Charles Worthington website.

Have you ever had an unexpected side-effect of a hair serum the way I did with this?

Review: Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

I love roses and I love masks, although the one I have hanging on my bedroom wall probably wasn’t what the Body Shop had in mind, so I was extremely pleased to find this in the post the other day.  This is part of the ‘Superfood’ range of facemasks and are 100% vegetarian with no parabens, paraffins, silicone or mineral oils.  I did wonder what was actually in the masks but I’m guessing bacon isn’t it.

body shop british rose fresh plumping mask review

I have sensitive skin, which is the beauty product equivalent of a miner’s canary, so I was pleased to see the emittance of the nasty chemicals that often give my skin a tomato hue.  When I opened the sachet, I was surprised it wasn’t a delicate shade of pink cream, rather a brownish clear cream gel.  However, it was easy to apply, didn’t slide off my skin or drip into my eye and smells gorgeous.  While on my skin, I felt a tingle and was worried that my skin was going to react, but when I washed it off, my skin had a pleasing glow that wasn’t covered in wheals, which I considered progress in my world.


I always think the true measure of a facemask is the state of your skin the next morning and I can now confirm that my skin had a definite smoothness and was perfectly clear.  There was a sheen that I hadn’t noticed before and any lines in my chin and forehead were reduced.  For an organic product that was chemical free, I would say that it was effective in making an improvement on my skin whilst also being a pleasing product to use.  It does take a bit of rinsing off, so do this in warm water rather than tepid, but otherwise, this is a lovely product to use in an evening with your feet up with a good book. I was rereading Pride and Prejudice, if anyone is interested.

A recommended buy – 4/5

The British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask if available in tubs of 75ml volume and costs £16.00. You can purchase from any branch of The Body Shop or order it slightly cheaper from your Body Shop At Home representative. Contact your local rep for special offer details.

STYLondon Siligel Blender Review

This is another item I received in my Pink Parcel recently. I feel like all I ever do is review Pink Parcel goodies, but that’s because there are so many awesome items included and I get the chance to discover so many great brands I’ve never heard of before. This is a silicon blender and these are one of the hottest beauty trends of recent times. Gone are the days when we would sacrifice two-thirds of a bottle of foundation to the sponge Gods or leave home with slightly beige tinges under our fingernails because we just couldn’t get it all off after application. For those who don’t remember those times, you lucky little things.

siligel blender review

The silicon blender I’m blogging about today is by a brand called STYLondon whose name is clever but a nightmare for a touch-typist to get their fingers around. The idea behind this product is that it gives a natural fingertip style of blending but with minimal product wastage. It is hygienic and can easily be cleaned and dried.

siligel blender review

My first impression was that it felt similar to the silicon pads that go into boost bras, but obviously much smaller and it is a teardrop shape. It comes in a resealable metal and clear plastic pouch so it’s easy to store and won’t get manky in your make-up bag.  The instructions on the back of the pack state that you should use around half of your normal amount of product and then blend. It can also be folded to shape it around your nose the contours of your face etc. When I did this, I still found that I was using too much. The moisturiser I tried to apply was sitting there on top of my skin, barely blending at all. Does this mean that the blender doesn’t work blend or does it mean that I’ve been using way too much product all along? I am inclined to think it’s the latter because on wiping, I could tell that my skin had definitely been moisturised.

siligel blender review

I moved onto a foundation and the same happened again. I was using much less for the same amount of coverage, except with foundation it is much easier to see if you have applied the product than it is with a face cream.

siligel blender review

Overall, I feel like I’ve been cheated for years. I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I am that nobody invented something like this sooner. How much money have we all spent on foundation and face creams that ended up in sponges or being absorbed into our fingers? The only downside to this product is, as you can see in the image below, even with careful washing you can end up with a little groove of clogged up foundation on the blender. Worth double checking after washing for this.

siligel blender review

The STYLondon Siligel Blender is £5.99 on their website and I would highly recommend that you at least try this before you waste any more money on sponges. They come in round or heart shapes and in pink or clear silicone.