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    A to Z Blogging Challenge: B is for Broken Heels

    Welcome back to my A to Z Blogging Challenge for 2019. I’m currently trying to write 1000 words per day, every day in April, with the theme of my wish list, but yesterday didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I managed about 750, but that’s still pretty good. That was my A is for Abbey Road piece which you can read here. Today, I’m moving on to writing B is for Broken Heels. You might think that sounds like a weird thing to put on my wish list, but bear with me. It’s not as weird as it sounds because Broken Heels is the name of my new blog.…

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    Review: Jawsome Sharks at Sea Life Loch Lomond

    Last week was our half-term break here in East Ayrshire. I was faced with the problem that all parents encounter during school holidays. What was I going to do to entertain my very bored seven-year-old son? Well, for the first half of the holidays he was ill so it wasn’t an issue but by the end of the week cabin fever was setting in for both of us. Hasbro had invited me to visit the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond Shores because they’re running an event called Jawsome Sharks. It came at just the right time! I received a complimentary visit for me and my family to enable me…

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    Dundonald Castle – The Perfect Muse

    Back in 2014 when I started working on a fairy tale, I built a world in my mind and transferred it onto paper. That sounds more fun than it actually was. There was a lot of map sketching, town-planning and Google searches to find out what life was like in a medieval village. At the centre of every good fairy tale is one thing. Well, two if you count a serious mental illness. There has to be a castle. In my mind, I always had a local building, Dundonald Castle, as the inspiration for Delappe Castle. In the third edition of Cherry Lips, out later this month, a lot of…

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    Edinburgh Zoo Review

    During the summer I won’t have as much time at the laptop as I would like, but I don’t want my blogging to suffer. I’ll be uploading photos from my phone. Safe to say, SEO will be the last thing on my mind when posting these! It feels more like old fashioned, early-noughties blogging. School finished here on Friday 29th June and we decided that we want to take as many days out as possible this summer. The first of these days out was to Edinburgh Zoo. The first great thing about our trip to Edinburgh Zoo is that the prices were much cheaper than we had anticipated and that…

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    Officially One of the Top 100 Scottish Blogs!

    Today’s blog was supposed to be another travel piece about Stromboli but given that an earthquake erupted in the last few days, resulting in loss of human life, I would rather keep that one for another time out of respect. So, today I am going to talk about my latest achievement. Over the last few weeks, in between study breaks, I have been thinking of ways to publicise my blog. I’m no expert in SEO, but I do know that I’ve been blogging for a long time. Considering the time and effort I’ve invested in writing, I should really have achieved much more and should probably have one of the…