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    A to Z Blogging Challenge: M is for Marble

    Onto the third week of the challenge now and I’m getting to the stage where I can see the end in sight. I think today is the halfway point. So, M is for Marble and initially I was going to write about a brand called Marble (I really admire their products and would love to buy them) but the problem with that idea was that it might be too much like advertising and you’re not allowed to do anything commercial on the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Ok, I wouldn’t have been getting paid for it and wouldn’t have anything to gain from it, but it’s still slightly suspicious. So,…

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    4 Best Ways To Deal With Trolls

    For a while, I’ve wanted to write a post about the best ways to deal with trolls on the Internet. Despite what many seem to think, trolls have always existed, as long as the Internet has. Really, “trolling” used to mean people having a laugh and it’s now taken on a different meaning. What also kind of annoys me is that there are some who say anyone who disagrees with them is a troll. There’s a big difference between psychological harm and someone just tactlessly disagreeing. I’ve even been branded a troll myself because I disagreed with someone. I was mortified! It’s a word that is used far too frequently…