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    The Tangled Web – The Movie

    I pinched the idea for this blog from the wonderful Michelle Betham.  Thanks to her for posting the blog which talked about your dream cast for the movie of one of your novels.  It inspired me to do the same! I have to admit, while I was writing The Tangled Web, I used to visualise the characters as actors in a movie of the story I was writing.  I think lots of writers do the same.  So, imagine some big Hollywood producer with an insane budget and plenty of contacts in the business came to my doorstep and offered to make The Tangled Web – The Movie.  Obviously I’d accept…

  • the tangled web lacey dearie chick-lit mystery satire amazon
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    The Tangled Web by Lacey Dearie

    Have you ever wondered who that weirdo with the fake profile on Facebook is, and what they’re up to? This chick-lit mystery explains it all. Meet Vicky: Single mother, aspiring novelist, undertaker….and glamorous, seductive private investigator. She and trainee plumber Flic, forge the perfect partnership. They trap cheaters, report back to the wives and girlfriends, rake in the cash and then Vicky blogs about it all. The best thing about their job is it’s all done online, so it won’t interfere with their real lives and relationships. Well, that was the plan. What they didn’t count on was their first investigation being turned around on them so that they were…